Lararga/Narrator- On the last episode of ďMKR Mount PleasantĒ we saw Eagle win the soda drinking battle against Nova. Tarta left her duty at Dominoes to chase a sub down the street, and Clefís pimpin it with Tatra! Will Tarta arrive back in time to make it a threesome? What new battles will Sandwich Artists Eagle and Nova engage in? To find out, keep watching, because itís time for todayís episode of ďMKR Mount PleasantĒ!
(Mumbles under breath) Man, that was lame...Iíd better be getting paid for this.....

MKR Mount Pleasant
Episode 3
ďSailor Lantis and the Continuing Subway BattlesĒ

Lantis- Itís time to go to work! Sailor Lantis Power, Make-up! (He spins around naked while music plays and he gets dressed in a sailor suit, complete with short skirt and knee-high boots) Tra la la la la...

Primera- Wait, Lantisu! Wait for meeeeeeee! Sailor Primera Power, Make-up! (Spinning around naked w/music sequence) Lantisuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!

(Sailor Lantis prances off gaily to work at Candyland with Sailor Primera flying behind his shoulder)

Sailor Lantis- Hi ho, hi ho itís off to work I go, off to work at Candyland, the land of hershey bars and spam...

Meanwhile at Subway...

(A battle ensues. Mustard squirts madly from one side of the room, and various vegetables, meats, and buns from the other)

Nova- (tomato gets stuck in her hair) Oh Eagle, you are SO dead! (She proceeds to cover him with mustard)

Random Customer who is not Clef, as he is pimpin it at Dominoes- Hey! Can I get some service here? (He is squirted with mustard and pelted with pickles and falls down, unconscious. The battle continues)

Sailor Lantis- La la la, I love my job, candy is so good!

Primera- Lantisu! We have a customer!

Geo/Customer- Give me a minute, Iím not done looking yet. (Get gets some more stuff then puts the following on the counter- hershey bar, krackle bar, mr goodbar, box of jujubes, box of jujyfruits, m&mís, peanut m&mís, crispy m&mís, strawberry pop rocks, fruit punch pop rocks, caramello, bag of tootsie rolls, chocolate Easter bunny, cookie dough candy, peanut butter fudge...)
Sailor Lantis- And will that be all?

Geo/Customer- Nope, Iíll take a can of coke too.

Sailor Lantis- No! Itís not safe to eat pop rocks and drink coke at the same time. They say a guy did that and he DIED. (Eyes get really big)

(All of a sudden a girl with red hair and wearing jeans and a ďCanít Sleep, Clowns Will Eat MeĒ shirt falls out of the sky and lands behind the counter. She gets up and brushes herself off)

Dusk/Girl who fell from sky- Not true! I did that twice and Iím still here! Anyway, Iím off to Subway. Ciao! (She runs out the door)

(Sailor Lantis, Sailor Primera, and Geo all sweatdrop and stand stupified)

Sailor Lantis- Anyway, thatíll be $89.76.

Geo- No problem! Good thing Eagle always leaves money lying around the FTO.

Speaking of Eagle.....

Eagle- FTO...go! (pops his head) FTO...go! (pops his head) FTO...GO! (pops his head and knocks himself out)

Nova- MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (Squirts mustard all over Eagle)

Alycone/Narrator- Ick, mustardís such an ugly color. I prefer black, black like Zagato-samaís hair..aaah, so soft, oh curse that Emeraude! Zagato-samaís MINE! Oooh that little WENCH, Iíll get her yet! (clears throat) Anyway, donít miss the next mental ward-worthy episode of ďMKR Mount PleasantĒ!

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