Inouva/Narrator- On the last episode of “MKR Mount Pleasant” the characters Eagle and Nova from Subway, and Aska, Sang Yung, and Elder from the neighboring Chinese restaurant were introduced. Nova challenged Eagle to a soda drinking competition, and he accepted! Now it’s time for today’s exciting episode of “MKR Mount Pleasant”!

MKR Mount Pleasant
Episode 2
“The Outcome of the Contest and the Princesses from Dominoes”

(Subway. A huge crowd of people is gathered around the soda machine, where Eagle and Nova have their heads stuck under the soda fountain. The people are led in a cheer of “GO GO GO GO!” by Zechs Merquise, who is wearing his beer hat and throwing pork rinds all over everybody)

Nova- I.......can’t.........drink..........anymore....... (she falls over. Nobody pays any attention to her and instead crowd around Eagle and throw pork rinds all over him)

Eagle- Well, thanks everybody! Free subs for all!

(Crowd cheers)

(Dominoes, which is next door to the Chinese place. Tarta is kneading pizza dough, while Tatra hums to herself and puts pepperoni on pizzas in pretty designs)

Tarta- Tatra ne-sama! Stop amusing yourself and work a little faster! We’re on a deadline here!

Tatra- Oh, Tarta, you worry too much. I’m sure the people will appreciate pretty pictures on their pizza. We should at least try to please the customers. (Giggles)

Tarta- (Fumes) TATRA NE-SAMA! NANI YO?!

Tatra- (Giggles) Here, Tarta, have some pepperoni. It will make you feel better.

(Tarta storms off angrily to the back room. Tatra giggles some more and goes back to arranging pepperoni slices)

(All of a sudden, a vegetable sub, 6 in. on wheat with Italian dressing appears in front of Tarta.)

Tarta- Ooh, where did this come from? (She chases the sub out the door and down the street)

Eagle- (Reeling in) Heh heh heh.....

(Nova is suddenly un-unconscious and squirts mustard all over Eagle. The force is so hard that he gets knocked to the ground)

Nova- I’ll show you to beat me at soda drinking competitions!

Eagle- No! Please! Stop! Have mercy, ple-e-e-e-e-e-ease!

Nova- I show no mercy to those Hikaru loves!

Eagle- Oh, please. Don’t you think that’s gotten a little old by now? We all know you’re from Hikaru’s heart, you hate everyone she loves, loves everyone she hates, and so on. Get over it!

(Nova fumes and pumps up the pressure, knocking Eagle unconscious. Eagle has Kenshin’s swirly-eyed “Oro” face.)

Meanwhile, at Dominoes...

Tatra- La la la la la.....Hey, I wonder where Tarta went. (Flash to Tarta chasing sub down street) Oh well, la la la la la....

Clef/Customer- Excuse me! (Dings bell on counter) Can I get some service here?

Tatra- Coming! Hi, welcome to Dominoes, how can I help you?

Clef/Customer- Yeah, I ordered a medium pepperoni pizza about an hour ago and I still haven’t got it.

Tatra- Oh, gomen nasai. I’ll have it ready as soon as possible.

(Clef/Customer watches Tatra, and gets big lech grin on his face)

Clef/Customer- Hey, pizza girl!

Tatra- You mean me?

Clef/Customer/Master Pimp- Course I mean you. Has anyone ever told you how sexy you look in that uniform?

(Tatra giggles)

Tatra- No, you’re the first. Thank you for your compliment. (Giggles some more)

Clef/Customer/Master Pimp- Hey, you know, that pizza can wait a little while longer..(He puts his arm around Tatra and leads her to the back room, her giggling all the way)
Nova/Narrator- Oh no! Clef’s pimping it over at Dominoes! I sure hope he comes over my way soon, gotta love that young-looking old man. (drools. clears throat) Yeah, anyway, Clef’s pimping it at Dominoes, Tarta’s chasing a sub down the street, and Subway’s covered with pork rinds! Could this *be* any crazier? No? WRONG! It can, and it will, on the next seizure-inducing episode of “MKR Mount Pleasant”! (squirts mustard all over everybody)

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