Eagle Smith, Boy Wonder
 by Joanni

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sue. i don't write good. this is kind of horror. if
you don't like, then don't read. this is like
alternate universe one. email me and tell me what you
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All was quiet in Eagle's Smith's house. Not a
creature was stirring. It was all dark and eerie. Once
in a while you will hear a creak here and a creak
there. Just because the house was archaic. Eagle Smith
was sleeping peacefully, almost like a baby, in his
bedroom. He then started tossing and turning.
Suddenly, a blinding blue and green light lit up the
whole room. Eagle's eyes fluttered open, but quickly
closed them because the light hurt his eyes. Just as
quickly as the flash came, it left.
Morning soon came. It was the first day of school for
Eagle. He stomped down the stairs at 7:15 and entered
the kitchen.  The whole house was filled with the
sweet aroma of crispy bacon, fluffy scrambled eggs,and
golden toast. Eagle pulled out the chair slowly and
plopped down in it. He, at first, didn't eat much at
all, then, all of a sudden, started gobbling it down
like he had not eaten anything in days.
"Honey, slow down. You don't want to choke now do
you," his mother said, "Never mind son, you should
stop eating now or else you would be late for your
first day of school." 
"But I don't want to go..." Eagle whined.
"Too bad, you are going and getting a good
education." she snatched the plate form under Eagle's
nose. "Now go, you'll have a fun time! Try to make
some new friends too." Eagle lazily stood up and
walked out the door.
"Bye," he called back to his mom. Eagle got out his
shiny yellow huffy bike and pedaled down the street to
his one story, brick red elementary school.
School was just about the same as last year. He just
had a different teacher. some middle aged blonde lady.
Eagle has just about the same people in his class and
some different ones, but he still knew them from the
other fourth grade classes last year. The one thing
that was truly different was that there were two
different, but cute looking twin girls. They are not
identical though. As Eagle just found out at lunch,
the brunette's name is Fuu and the blonde's is Umi.
The twins were like total opposites.  Umi was kind of
preppie. She was wearing a cerulean blue plaid skirt
and a blue tank top. Fuu, on the other hand, was
wearing faded blue pants and a green tee-shirt. They
were pretty normal, except that they were always
together. Not in classes, but every chance they get.
For some strange reason, Eagle feels an attraction
between them.
"Hi, what's your name?" asked Umi.

"Eagle Smith."
"Cool," they smiled, "I hope we get to be good
friends," said Fuu and left.  They did. Eagle has been
hanging out with either Fuu or Umi in classes or both
at lunch.They might as well be best friends, they were
always together. They are in their own "wonderland,"
forgetting totally about the others and just caring
about themselves.
Many times, Eagle went over to the twins' house. He
would always drink their nice, cold lemonade that Fuu
made from fresh, ripe yellow lemons, sweet sugar and
her special, sparkling, secret powder.
One chilly, windy night, Umi asked when Eagle wasn't
over, "Do we have to put more powder in him? Don't you
think that it is enough already?"
"Just one more dose and we'll be done," her sister
answered back.
"We better. I don't want to hang around him any
"Ok, ok. Just relax!" with that note, Eagle, in his
own house, fell over, holding his stomach and crying
out in agony.His parents, hearing their pained son,
hurried up the stairs and barged into his room.
"Oh my gosh, Eagle, what is wrong?" his mother asked,
her voice was quivering with fear and worry.
"My stomach... it hurts really bad!"
His parents drove like a maniac to get him to the
hospital, but when they reached the emergency room and
the doctors checked him, they couldn't figure out what
was wrong! All was normal or as normal as can be with
Eagle. The medical practicers tested him for a few
more days and then released him to the outside world
again. While he was still in the hospital, lying on
his bed his whole fifth grade class made him get well
cards. Umi and Fuu were the ones who brought it to
"I really hope you feel better soon," they both said
in unison. It's like they shared one brain at that
"We brought you some lemonade," Fuu said, "To make
you feel better!"
"Thanks, this is great! Thank you again and tell the
class thank you for me too!"
"We'll do that," Umi added. They left a little while
Eagle returned to his home. His own, warm,
comfortable room. Putting on normal pants and a pale
tee shirt instead of a yucky hospital gown that tied
in the back. He still had stomach pains every now and
then, but the doctors gave him pain killers for that.
"Oh..." Eagle moaned in his sleep one cold and still
night. The window broke open and a bone chilling gush
of wind came in. Again, the room was illuminated  by a
blinding bluish green light. In the blink of an eye,
the light is gone and there were two small, glowing,
balls of light. They were the same colors as the
flash, blue and green!
Eagle was so scared and tried to run, but his stomach
was hurting him and the green light threw some dust on
him that made Eagle freeze.
"Don't be scared," said the blue light. She then
turned to her sister and asked, "Is he the one?" the
green one shook her head up and down. "Are you sure?"
"Yes," replied the green one.
Wow, these voices sound awfully familiar. Eagle
thought and wondered in his moment of frozenness.
"Well then," continued the green one, "Eagle Smith,
Boy Wonder, you are going to die soon!"
The blue one added, "Beware! Watch out for yourself
from now on! When you do go,"
"We'll come and get you!" they both said in unison. A
third light flashed and they left.
Eagle was too traumatized to sleep for the rest of
the night. His mother came to wake him up in the
morning, but she saw that he was already awake and
bustling about  the room, cleaning and doing nothing.
"Are you ok honey?"
"Yes, I am fine," he said. I don't think I should
tell her. he thought.
Eagle was well enough to go to school that morning,
so he did. Just to talk to his friends. His mother
gave him some warm rice porridge for breakfast and he
was off to school on his yellow bike.
"Hi, Eagle, how are you feeling today?" asked Umi who
was dressed in a blue jeans skirt and a blue sweater.
"Did any one visit you last night?" questioned Umi,
but Fuu elbowed her so she rephrased her question,
"Um, did any family visit you last night?"
Hm... Eagle was suspicious. "No..." he hesitated, "No
one did." The rest of the day was normal.
Days passed, Eagle got enough strength and rest.
Eagle went to school, like normal. His grades were
dropping though. He was losing all his other friends.
Now, his life revolves around those two girls. Talking
to no one, including his parents, except for Umi and
Fuu and drinking their lemonade.
He was walking wearily home from school one day.
Taking one slow step after the other. Wandering back
and forth across the side walk. Unable to concentrate
on anything. Since his couldn't do so, Umi and Fuu
were following him. Watching him like a hawk. He was
trying to cross the street, but he got the strongest
stomach pain ever! Like pieces of knives hurling
itself into his gut. He keeled over, in the middle of
the street clutching his stomach and much pain as his
skin hit the concrete. Just then, a giant semi truck
roared around the corner. The middle aged man  didn't
have a chance to see Eagle there, lying on the ground.
When the truck was about a few feet away, he hit the
brakes. The truck tried to skid to a stop, it's tires
were burning, but it was too late. At that very
moment, the same light flashed again and all of time
stopped. Everything froze except for the balls of
light and Eagle.
"I told you we were going to come get you when it is
time. Are you ready Fuu?" asked the blue light.
"Oh yea, Fuu. I have been waiting a long time for

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