If tomorrow Never Comes

Chapter Seven

Written by: FuuMegami

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Disclaimer: I don't own Rayearth or any of it's characters or Faith Hill and her music ;)

Dedications: This story is dedicated to the memory of my friend Jamuna who died of brain cancer on September 24th 1999. Also I wanna dedicate this chapter to my new kitten Angel who was a stray until I caught it on the september 24th of this year. I think maybe Angel was a gift from my angel Jamuna. You can visit Jamuna's online shrine at: http://jamunashrine.cjb.net.
And now onto the story!

Fuu sat down next to her mother who was frowning over the bills. Fuu sat her stuffed kitten on her lap and smiled.

"Mom...." She trailed off.

Her mother looked up, "hmm?"

"I need mall money," Fuu said as she gave her mom what had to have been the sweetest smile.

"Why do you need money? You spend all of your allowance already?"

Fuu nodded. "Think of me as being on disability. "

Her mom laughed. "Good thinking, but the answer is no."

Fuu frowned. "But mom, I need the money for a dress."

Her mom sighed and pointed across the room. "Get my purse."

Fuu grinned, "Thanks mom!"

She got her mom her purse and then waited while her mom counted out $60 and reluctantly handed it over to Fuu.

The door bell rang moment later and Fuu jumped up to answer it.

"Have fun," her mom said. Then with a bit less of a light tone added, "and take it easy baby."

Fuu shook her head, "yes mother, whatever you say."

She answered the door and found just who she expected. She threw her arms around Ferio and hugged him.

"I missed you!" Fuu said as she nuzzled his shoulder.

"It's been exactly three hours since I last saw you," he replied as he laughed.

Fuu smiled, "I know."

Ferio almost couldn't bring himself to let her go into the mall without him. For some reason the idea of her going anywhere without him, really really scared him. During the car ride to the mall he tried to convince himself that he was just being stupid.

"I love you," Ferio said as she reached for the car door handle.

"I love you too," Fuu replied as she got out of the car.

Ferio watched until she disappeared into the mall's entrance. Then he drove off to work.

Fuu was met by Umi and Hikaru who were all excited about shopping.

"I need to find the perfect dress," Umi said.

Hikaru grinned, "Umi-chan's true love is taking her to the dance!"

"Miss Umi, in love? With whom?" Fuu said, just a bit surprised.

"You know that little cutie Ascot? Of course he's more than just cute.... He's hot, and yet still really smart." Umi said as she looked all dreamy-eyed.

Hikaru elbowed her in the ribs.

"Oh yeah, Ascot loves animals, he even has a fat rabbit named Mokona." Umi added as she rubbed her ribs.

Fuu smiled, She had no idea who this Ascot was, but he surly was the owner of Umi's heart.

"Anyway we need dresses for the dance since it's the last dance of the year!" Hikaru explained.

"You'll have to get Ferio to take you, I mean it's your junior prom which is a lot cheeper than the senior prom 'cos junior is at the school." Umi said.

Fuu nodded, "don't worry, we're going. That's why I came, I need a dress."

The girls headed to the first sore that had dresses at a decent price. Umi quickly fell in love with a ling slim dress that started off dark blue at the bottom and lightened as it went up.

Hikaru searched a while longer, having trouble find the prefect dress. She finally settled upon a summer dress that was white with bing pink tropical flowers on it. It was some what childish, but the flowers made it wild and more suitable for her.

Fuu on the other hand just couldn't find anything that appealed to her. She was tired of green, much of what she owned was green. But suddenly her eyes fell upon a drop dead gorgeous gold dress. It was just a simple long sleep dress, and yet the sheer-gold look sold it to her. She was excited to find there was one in her size, and she bought it before she could change her mind.

After paying for the dress the girls stopped off at the toy store to pick something up for Brittany.

"What do you think she wants?" Umi said as she picked up a Furbee.

"She's really sick, so something quiet." Fuu said as she searched the store.

Hikaru picked up a baby rattle and shook it. "Ooooh... I like this..."

Umi shook her head and picked up a stuffed monkey. "How about this?"

Fuu was already down the isle and that's when she spotted a Barbie type doll with long black hair. She had on a kimono and had a fan in her hand. Fuu picked up the box and smiled, she had found what she wanted.

She paid for the doll and waited while Umi and Hikaru played video games. After a couple of minutes her head started to hurt and she realized her medication was wearing off. Finally after 10 minutes they had finished the demo and there was nothing else left to do.

"Wanna go get some ice cream?" Hikaru asked.

Fuu shrugged and was ready to say she wanted to go home when Umi grabbed her arm and dragged her along. Fuu sat down at the round food court table and rested her chin in the palm of her hand.

Her head was really starting to pound now and her vision became blurred by the pain.

"Fuu!" Umi said loudly and Fuu jumped and winced.

"There, no what kind of ice cream do you want?"

"Chocolate," Fuu replied almost robot like.

Umi got their ice cream while a worried Hikaru stayed by Fuu's side.

"Fuu-chan, you look ill."

Fuu smiled. "It's just a head ache."

Umi put the three bowls of ice cream down on the table. "Dig in girls!"

Fuu laughed and stated eating. She loved ice cream, and usually chocolate helped with the head ache.

"I can't believe that Eagle asked me to the dance. I was kinda worried he wouldn't want to go out with me for this long." Hikaru said.

"I think we've all lucked out in the love department. Ascot-chan is talking about he and I getting an apartment together."

Suddenly everything around Fuu began to spin as her head pounded as if it were her heart. Her stomach lurched and everything she had eaten came up on the table.

"Fuu-chan!" Umi cried.

"I'm fine," Fuu managed to say though she sure didn't look it.

Fuu felt sick to her stomach and wanted to go home. Hikaru called Kuu and told her Fuu had the flu she needed to be picked up.

Once home Fuu collapsed in her bed. She slept for a while, maybe two or three hours. She awoke to Ferio kneeling at her bedside.

"I was worried about you." Ferio said as he took her hand.

"I'm just so tired." Was Fuu's reply.

Fuu fell asleep again, her medication making her drowsy. She left Ferio alone to worry. He decided he would go talk to Fuu's parents so he went down stairs. He paused in the door way because her parents were already talking and he didn't want to disturb them.

"I think the chemo is tearing her down. The cancer is growing and will soon spread to the rest of her body." Fuu's father said in a weary and sad voice.

Ferio's heart sank, it wasn't good to hear them talk like that. Why was everyone losing faith? Didn't they know that Fuu had the strength and will to beat this? Ferio knew he couldn't handle people being negative at the moment. So he went into the living room.

Ferio was surprised to find Kuu sitting alone in the dark on the couch holding the box with the doll for Brittany.

"Hi," Ferio said softly.

Kuu looked up. "Fuu bought this doll for Brittany. I think I'm gonna drive to the hospital and give it to her."

Ferio nodded. "Be strong, Fuu's gonna get through this."

Kuu left without a word, she didn't want to tell Ferio that everyone else knew that Fuu was weak, and she was wearing down.

"She's got such a strong spirit, it'll pull her body through." Ferio assured himself.

A few days later Fuu was feeling and looking better.

"I can't wait for the dance!" Fuu said as she twirled around.

Ferio laughed, "you think you'll go to your prom in your green flannel pajamas?"

Fuu plopped down on the vanilla colored family room carpet. "Well of course not. I'll wear the gold dress I bought at the mall." Fuu replied as she crossed her legs.

"Fuu-chan!" Kuu called.

Fuu looked up and blinked.

"You've got a letter from miss Brittany!"

Fuu jumped up and ran into the hall. She tore open the letter and read it aloud.

"Dear Fuu-chan,

I was excited to get your letter.
You got really nice hand writing.
I love the doll! She's so pretty!
She's my new best friend!
My favorite song is there you'll be.
Love Brittany."

Kuu smiled "she's really cute you know."

Fuu nodded "Yes, and I wish she did not have to die. It seems just so unfair for such a sweet child such as her to have to suffer and then die."

Kuu shrugged, "but you're making what time she has left special. Look at it that way."

Fuu grinned, "you are right."

"Fuu-chan! You get your cute little butt in here!" Ferio called from the family room.

Fuu laughed and came into the TV room. "You're missing Passions," Ferio pointed out.

Fuu grinned. "You know what I like better than NBC's Passions?" Fuu said with a mischievous grin.

Ferio raised an eye brow, "what?"

Fuu got very close to Ferio's face. She put her hands on his knee caps. "I love our passions."

Ferio kissed Fuu, knowing that was what she was hinting at. Fuu melted into his arms, she adored the way she kissed him... Sure she always thought that, but it's only because it was so darn true.

When Fuu and Ferio did finally turn their attention back to the soap opera, the came face to face with a funeral.

"Sheridan's dead?!" Fuu shrieked. "How come you didn't tell me Ferio?!"

Ferio blinked. "You were sick, I didn't think uh... A soap opera was very important."

Fuu started to sniff. "Poor Luis! His one true love... Dead..."

"Now don't cry," Ferio said as he pulled her into his arms.

"But he and Sheridan were so cute together! They were perfect for each other..."

Ferio winced, now was not the time for him to be thinking about lovers dying.

"And they never got married! Or had those 10 kids!" Fuu started to cry.

Ferio sighed. "Fuu-chan, c'mon, you know she's not dead. They've "killed" her once before. Don't worry about it."

Fuu stuck out her tongue and laughed. He was relieved that she wasn't about to start wailing over a character.

The next day Fuu worked on her history home work, she still enjoyed school whoever she felt up to it. And today she was just brimming with energy.

Ferio would pick her up in two hours, giving her plenty of time to finish her history questions and still have time for a quick nap and then to get ready for the prom.

She finished her questions and then laid her head down on her book. She started to drift off into a deep sleep. She had a wonderful dream that she and Ferio got married. It was a misty foggy sort of dream, but the emotions were very evident. As it came time for her to say I do, her sister Kuu struggled to wake her.

"I do," Fuu mumbled out loud.

"Yes, you do, now get up," Kuu replied as she pulled Fuu up into a sitting position.

"I have to marry Feriooooo," Fuu said groggily.

"Uh-huh, but first you have to get ready for the prommmmm," Kuu replied.

Fuu rubbed her eyes and sniffed. "I want my Ferio-chan."

Kuu considered getting a cup of water and dumping it on Fuu, but she also knew Fuu was heavily medicated.

"I slept late," Fuu grumbled as she looked at the clock.

"Yes, but we have time to get you all ready for your big night," Kuu replied.

Fuu quickly put on her gold dress and slipped on a pair of black shoes. Kuu put a very light gold eye shadow on Fuu and a sheer lip gloss. She pulled Fuu's hair up in back with gold hair clips giving her a simple yet elegant look.

"Fuu you look like you're ready for the dance, or you're ready to get your angel wings." Kuu said as she smiled.

"I feel like tonight's really going to be special." Fuu said as she had goose bumps cover her entire body. "I feel like tonight will be the start of the rest of my eternally happy life."

Fuu had normally been pretty tired, and very drained, along with a sickly pale look. But now she seemed to have tapped into some reserve, and she was just glowing.

Kuu sighed as the door bell rang. "Your adoring boyfriend is here."

Fuu laughed. "Jealous?"
Kuu shook her head, "nah, I don't think it's right to be jealous of a love like yours. No one should do or wish anything to make it less pure."

Fuu hugged her sister and then she went out of the room and down the stairs. Ferio's eyes widened as he watched her seemingly floating down the stairs.

"And what divine creature has been sent down from the heavens?" Ferio whispered as he took her hand.

Fuu giggled. "Oh Ferio-chan, you're such a sweetie."

Ferio nodded, "I know..."

Fuu and Ferio went outside onto the porch after Fuu's mom and dad had taken a roll of film and five minutes of video.

"Um, Fuu-chan, before we leave..." Ferio began as he knelt down on one knee.

Fuu began to tremble and tears filled her eyes. "I told myself I'd never rush blindly into marriage. But I feel that now is the time to truly ask you. Because I feel that there is this bond between us, and that we were meant to be together." He paused only to flash his smile. "As soon as we're old enough, Fuu Hououji, will you marry me?"

Fuu's mind never had a chance to answer, no time to think, to reason, because her heart answered for her. "Yes!"

Ferio slipped the ring on her finger making their engagement official. Then he wept her up off her feet ans spun her around. Then he pressed his slips against hers.

"I love you!" Fuu said as she wiped her eyes.

"I love you too, for forever and a day." Ferio replied.

Once at the dance Fuu couldn't help but show Umi and Hikaru the glistening ring on her finger.

"You lucky girl you!" Umi cooed as she hung on Ascot's arm.

"It's so romantic!" Hikaru said with a grin.

"Don't you expect a ring anytime soon now," Eagle said as he laughed.

Ferio hand his arm around Fuu's waist and he kissed her cheek.

"Smile!" Said a familiar voice.

"Nova!" Hikaru cried.

Nova had with her a video camera. "If you want a copy it'll be five bucks."

"We'll take a copy," Ferio replied.

Fuu smiled and was going to greet Nova when a song started to play, one of Fuu's favorite's.

"Let's dance," Fuu said as she tugged on Ferio's arm.

Ferio smiled and Fuu rapped her arms around him and rested her head against his chest.

"I love this song," Fuu whispered.

' Cause I can feel you breathe
It's washing over me
Suddenly I'm melting into you
There's nothing left to prove
Baby all we need is just to be
Caught up in the touch
The slow and steady rush
Baby, isn't that the way that love's supposed to be
I can feel you breathe
Just breathe
(Breathe belongs to Faith Hill)

"We'll dance to this at our wedding," Ferio replied.

Fuu smiled. "Our wedding..."

After hours of dancing Fuu's head began to hurt and she became increasingly tired.

"I'll take you home," Ferio said.

"You don't mind?" Fuu said softly, realizing the prom wasn't over.

"Nah, this dance is a bore, anyway I prefer to be alone snuggling with you."

"I love you," Fuu whispered.

"I love you too, but you already know that."

When Fuu got home she showed Kuu the ring she had on. Kuu smiled and nodded. "I knew he was going to ask, in fact he told me he was going to ask. And I have the whole proposal on tape."

Fuu shook her head. "You two are impossible."
Kuu nodded, "you'll be able to watch the proposal again and again and again... Aww you were so cute!"

Fuu laughed and laid her head down. "I'll watch it tomorrow."

Kuu put the video down on Fuu's night table and left the room. Fuu soon drifted off into a blissful sleep.

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