If Tomorrow Never Comes

Chapter Three

Disclaimer: I don't own Rayearth, and I don't own Fuu and Ferio, 'cause if I did, there would have been more romance in the series!

Written by FuuMegami

Rated PG-13

Fuu sat in a dark red chair in the waiting room. She was reading The Road From Home. She was so deeply engrossed in her school reading that she missed her name being called. Her mother tapped her on the shoulder a few times before Fuu looked up and closed the book.

After the check up the doctor seemed a bit worried and suggested she get a neurological exam. Fuu nodded, not caring to much about what the doctor had to say. Fuu was dismissed and told her mother would join her in a few.

To be completely honest Fuu was more worried about the fact that she was going to miss lunch time with Ferio. And a she though she didn't get to school until twenty minutes after her lunch time.

She was kinda gloomy and grumpy during the rest of the day, missing Ferio no doubt. As soon as school was over she rushed outside of the building and waited for Ferio to come out. She waited, and Ferio didn't show. She searched the crowds of people leaving, not a single glance of Ferio.

She sat down on the grey cement steps of the school and placed her chin on her knees. She sat there for well over ten minutes waiting for him.

She mentally relived the last day's kiss over and over. Savoring every emotion and every bit of feeling.

She was broken out of her trance by the realization that Ferio was now sitting next to her. She laughed at him.

"How long have you been sitting there?" Fuu questioned.

"About two minutes. I'm sorry I'm late. I uh... Well I have detention." Ferio said as he blushed slightly.

"What for?" Fuu asked kindly.

He handed her his green advanced mathematics note book. There on a page where there should have been math notes was something that made Fuu blush.









A whole list of words under her name.

"I was so absorbed in writing that, I missed the whole lesson." Ferio admitted.

Fuu took his arm. "Walk me home, handsome."

He smiled and nodded. "Yes my dear."

They walked in silence for but a minute. Ferio then broke in.

"We must be meant to be together. From the day I saw you on the swing I knew we were meant to be. I think someday we'll get married." Ferio said with a grin.

Fuu laughed softly. "Maybe."

"I say that because we get along so well, I never feel embarrassed or alienated around you. And I see they way you blush around me, and yet you seem to talk to me so easily. And you make me so light and carefree. It's a sign babe!" Ferio said trying to explain what he meant.

Fuu was silent for a moment. "You give me a funny feeling, like a slight tickle inside, and it makes me smile and laugh. Because you're a friend and not just a guy." She replied. "Ferio, I think I'm in love with you."

Ferio stopped suddenly and hugged her, holding her close he said, "don't ever leave me."

Fuu rapped her arms around him, "I won't."

Once they had arrived at Fuu's house they discovered no one was home. "Wanna go in the kitchen and get a snack? We can bring it out side." Fuu suggested, not wanting him to leave just yet.

"Mmm a snack sounds good." Ferio replied.

Fuu smiled and lead the way to the kitchen setting her back pack down on a chair.

"How about some cookies and milk?" Fuu offered.

Ferio smiled and nodded. "Yes, please."

Fuu took out some fresh home made cookies and the milk. She poured them both a glass and handed one to Ferio. Then the two of them went out with a plate of cookies and sat on the out doors porch swing.

Ferio watched her eat waiting for the right moment to tease her about her dimple. "You must be the cutest thing in the world, I mean, you're cute even if you're eating!"

Fuu laughed. "And you flatter me wayyyyyy to much mister."

"And I'm gonna do it everyday for the rest of your life!" Ferio said as he kissed her on the cheek.

Fuu rested her head on his shoulder and smiled. "You're so sweet."

"That's only 'cause you're so sweet." Ferio replied.

"We should get to work on our home work, huh?" Fuu said with a sigh.

"Yup, but hey, with you it'll be fun!" Ferio replied.

Fuu nodded, "only you could make algebra fun." Ferio nodded. "Yeah, 'cause I know a lot about bra's..." Ferio said hoping to get a good rise out of her.

"Ferio-chan! What do you mean by that?" She exclaimed.

"I mean I know a lot about getting you to freak." He replied with a laugh.

Fuu gave him a shove and shook her head. She went into the house and got out her math home work book and then returned to the swing with Ferio. By the time she hit the fourth math problem Ferio was poking her with his pen.

"Ferioooo," she said as she poked him back.

"Fuuuuuu," he replied with a grin.

"We're never gonna get anything done!"

"I know... I know..." He replied.

He then kissed her. And suddenly math disappeared, home work was gone, all that was, was Ferio.

After they finished their home work Ferio realized what time it was, and knew he had better be getting home.

"Hey Fuu-chan, I have to get going." Ferio said as he put his text books into his back pack.

"Awww." She said as she pouted slightly. "Ok then, call me k?"

Ferio nodded, "after dinner I will."

She smiled "ok."

Ferio got half way down the walk way before he stopped and turned around. He motioned for her to come so she ran over.

"Hm? What?" She said as soon as she got over.

He just grinned and kissed her. He ran his fingers through her blonde hair. When they finally parted lips Fuu just stood there wit ha look of total and complete shock and awe. So, Ferio tickled her, running his fingers over her stomach. She started laughing.

She playfully shoved him backwards and he full down on his butt.

"Hey now, you get down here too!' Ferio said as he tugged lightly on her skirt. Then he added, "or I could stay down here and enjoy the view..."

Fuu dropped too her knees and kissed him lightly on the lips, leaving him wanting more. "No more kisses until tomorrow."

"Aww..." Ferio grumbled.

That evening just after Fuu had put down her fork from dinner, the phone rang. She bolted up and grabbed the phone.

"Hello?" Fuu said sounding hopeful.

"Hey Fuu-channies, you got nots from history? I fell asleep during class!" Said Hikaru.

Fuu was surprised, Hikaru was usually highly energetic and never needed sleep.

"I'll scan you the notes and email them to you," Fuu said quickly. "Now get some sleep k?"

"Sure thing." Hikaru replied.

She hung up and waited for Ferio to call, the phone hadn't been hung up for 30 seconds before it rang again.

"Hello?" Fuu said hoping for Ferio.

"Hey Fuu girl!" Cried Umi.

Fuu sighed.

"Hikaru and I are going to the mall tomorrow after school. We're gonna shop till we drop. And probably flirt a lot with the guys." Umi said with a giggle.

Fuu laughed, not at the idea, but at the fact that Umi found flirting with strangers so enjoyable. She shook her head, "so, what does this have to do with me? And does Hikaru even *know" what flirting *is*?" Fuu asked.

Umi laughed. "Of course she does, she's been hanging out with me, she needs to learn those things that brothers can't teach you." Umi replied. "Anyway do you wanna come with us?"

"I can't, I have another doctors appointment in the morning and I don't know how tired I'll be." Fuu replied.

"Aw darn..." Umi replied. "Well then, enjoy!"

Fuu snorted and hung up the phone. And again the phone rang, this time the phone was still in her hand.

Fuu answered praying it was Ferio. "Hello?"

"Hey how's my Fuu-chan?"

"Ferio!" Fuu said happily.

"Sorry, I've been calling for the past few minutes and just getting a busy signal." Ferio said.

Fuu crossed her legs and repositioned the cordless phone against her ear. "Yeah, I'm sorry. My friends were calling, they sure picked a rotten time to call."

"Wow, didn't know you were so popular!" Ferio joked.

"I'm not." Fuu said bluntly. "But the friends I have are really good ones."

"Well said."

Fuu laughed.

"Oh yeah, I have more tests tomorrow so I won't be at school." Fuu said.

"Awww. Are you ok?" Ferio asked, and at the last part he sounded worried.

"Yeah, I'm sure I am, but you know how parents and doctors are." Fuu replied. "I'll call you tomorrow after I get back."

They then talked for an hour about what they would do that weekend together, as their first date.

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