If Tomorrow Never Comes

Written by: FuuMegami

Note: I do not own any of the characters, nor do I own the song bits present in the chapter. The first belongs to the A*Teens and the second to B*Witched.

Chapter Two

That night Fuu knelt down by the side of her bed and quickly said her prayers. "Please take care of my family, my friends, and Ferio."

Then she hopped into bed and turned off the light. She had left the shades on the windows up, she loved looking out at the stars. One of those stars was her very own, the one that always watched her. It wasn't the very bright one, because she was a slightly small person. But it was comforting to know that it was always there at night, even if it was cloudy.

Some day she hoped Ferio could take the place of the star. That he could be there watching her as she slept, always there for her at night. But until then, the star would do and Ferio would sleep in his own bed.

This thought made Fuu giggle and blush. She fell asleep imagining Ferio beside her.


That morning when Fuu's alarm went off she swiped at it and it hit the floor. She groaned and reached for it, but missed since she didn't have her glasses on. She fell to the floor with a soft thud.

"Owchies..." She grumbled.

Now her butt and her head hurt, at least her stomach was fine.

She groped along the top of her night table for her glasses, once she had them she put them on, her vision was still a bit blurred. She rubbed them a few times and was got the sleep out of them. Then she stretched and stood up. She tossed her sheets back onto the bed and then hurried to gather her stuff for the shower.

She quickly grabbed a white pleated skirt and a light green tank top adding it to a pile of stuff she had to take into the bath room. Once she had it all she went in and locked the door.

"Phew, I beat Kuu here." She grinned, it was the first time in two weeks she had beaten her sister to the shower.

She sang as she showered, as she often did, though she tried to sing extra loud to wake her sister this time.

"You make me so excited

And I don't wanna fight it

I start to blush

You are my Sugar Rush

Ain't nothing better baby

Is it for real or maybe?

I start to blush

You are my Sugar Rush" Fuu sang as she washed her hair.

"Someone's in loooooove," Kuu said loudly.

"No they're Noooooot," Fuu replied.

After her shower she raced to dress and brush her hair and get done in the bathroom. Ferio would be there to pick her up soon.

By the time she got down stairs and got her back pack on, Ferio was at the door.

"Hey! Come on it!" She called. "Door's open," She added.

Ferio let himself in, it was after all only the screen door. "How are ya?" He asked. "Feelin' any better?"

Fuu nodded, "hai, just let me grab my lunch box and we'll be off." Fuu replied.

Ferio nodded and leaned up against the door frame.

Kuu came barreling down the stairs in nothing but a pink towel. "Fuuuuuuuu," she wailed. "Where are my purple panties that are low cut?!"

Ferio's eyes widened and he muffled a laugh. Kuu whirled around and screamed. Fuu walked in then and blinked. "Kuu, your panties are on the kitchen table where you left them."

Kuu blushed and hurried to the kitchen.

"Gomen ne," Fuu said as she shook her head.

Ferio laughed. "Ano, let's go before she come back looking for any other under wear."

"Fuu nodded. Right."

The two left the house and started on their walk to school.

"I'm glad to see you're feeling better," Ferio said.

Fuu smiled. "Thanks, you know, I truly missed have lunch with you." Fuu admitted.

"Did you really? 'cause I missed eating with you too. I love the way when you chew, you get this little dimple on your right cheek. It's so adorable." Ferio replied.

Fuu blushed. "You sure pay enough attention."

"I Always have." Ferio replied. "I remember when you were six, just starting first grade. I was in second grade, but we had the same recess time. Your friend Hikaru was so bubbly and hyper, and Umi was the bossy one. And you, you were the adorable quiet one. You were sitting on the swing going back and forth. You had on a green dress with little white bunnies on it." Ferio said remembering it all like it were yesterday.

Fuu laughed. "Oh yes, that dress... My dad bought it for me, thought it was the cutest thing. I didn't like it much."

"You were so cute in it Fuu!" Ferio said as he winked. "I think I've had a crush on ever since I saw you that day singing on the swing... No idea where you got that song though."

Fuu smiled. "I don't even know what song you speak of."

Ferio paused to think for a moment. "But we'll get thought this somehow Cause we got each other now

Ooh times change Together we'll be fine You and me yeah

It not easy all the time Who would think it come to this." Ferio said slowly.

Fuu's eyes lit up. "My mother used to sing me that song!"

"It's a pretty song," Ferio commented.

"Amazing you could remember that far back, or even that song." Fuu said as she laughed.

Ferio loved it when she laughed, it made him laugh, even if it was something that he didn't want to laugh about. She had always done that, like the year before, when he accidentally ran right into her, smacking into her face. He was so red, and she started laughing. Of course he had to laugh too.

"Hey, we're here," Fuu announced.

"Aww, I was really enjoying walking with you." Ferio said as sighed.

"Well then, you can walk me home today, ne?" Fuu replied sweetly.

Ferio's head lifted right up. "Yes ma'am!"

Fuu giggled and smiled before running hurrying off so that she wouldn't be late.

During math class she let her mind wonder. Her chin rested in the palm of her hand. What if Ferio kissed her on the way back? Would she let him? And if she did, would he think her easy? Or would he not think at all about it since they had been friends for over a year. And he seemed to have liked her since she was in first grade.

And ohhhh.... Would she keep her eyes open? Should she? Where exactly would he be putting his hands? She hoped he wouldn't be do forward...

Suddenly her chin slipped from her hand and her face hit the desk. Everyone in the room turned to see what she was up too. She blushed a lovely shade of crimson. Her teacher shook her head and laughed.

Fuu then buried her face in her book, but continued to ponder the walk home...

She skipped her way to the cafeteria, yes, skipped. She waved at Ferio as she spotted him at their usual table. They had an early lunch, at 10:15am, one that not many others had. So they had a nice table all to themselves.

Fuu sat down across from him and opened her lunch box.

"Heard you fell asleep in class," Ferio said.

Fuu looked up from her peanut butter and jelly sandwich. "Hm?"

"In math class, Umi said you fell asleep." Ferio replied as he gave her a funny look.

"Eh? No... I was... Erm, eh, thinking. And I sorta got lost in my thoughts, and my chin slipped and I fell face down on my desk."

Ferio laughed, though he tried hard not to. "Sorry! I really am."

Fuu laughed too. "No problem."

Ferio took a sip of his cherry coke and stared at Fuu while she ate. he noticed she had some jelly on the top of her lip, he leaned over across the table and wiped it off her face with his thumb. Fuu was startled by this, but remained still. Slowly Ferio moved closer, his lips met hers for a brief kiss.

Afterwards Fuu blushed and tried not to giggle. But her giggles won over and she started to giggle like a little girl.

Ferio shook his head. "You're so silly."

"Can't help it. I just love laughing!" Fuu replied.

"Good, I love it when you laugh really. And when you smile. I love you happy. In fact, I love you." Ferio blurted out.

Fuu stopped giggling and blinked. "You love me?"

Ferio nodded. "Don't reply yet, wait a while, and think it over."

Fuu nodded. The rest of class she thought about it. Maybe it was strong like, yup, that's what she would tell him. A good strong like...

Ferio met Fuu outside on the steps of the school. He held out his arm and shook took it. She was happy to be so close to him.

The spring breeze toyed with her skirt and Ferio kinda wished it would do it's toying just a bit higher... Then he shook his head, he was starting to sound like his guy friends...

"Ferio, I thought about it. And I think for now, it's just a good strong like." Fuu said in a shy tone.

Ferio nodded. "I can except that."

Fuu smiled. "Oh yeah, I have a doctors appointment tomorrow so I'll be late to school. Just so you know."

Ferio nodded. "Ok, I'll miss you." He teased.

She laughed.

"I love doing that you know." Ferio said with a leer.

"Oh, I understand that." Fuu replied.

The rest of the walk was just as pleasant, though there was no good-bye kiss. Fuu's mother was home and waiting for her.

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