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My site at this url will no longer be updated, I have a New

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 Hi, I'm Michelle and welcome to my little corner of the web!

      This site deals with transgenderism, specifically male to female crossdressing.

      So if this offends you or you got here by accident please hit your browser back

      button now.


                    I'm from the Eastside of Cleveland area, You can find me out with

       my wonderful friends Racheal, Kerrie, Jamie, Roxy, Deb and many others

       at most clubs in the Cleveland scene. Come party with us ( If you can keep up! )




 I have finally come to terms with the woman in me and this is who I am and this is who I shall be.

I hope you enjoy your visit, There are a lot of pictures here so some pages take awhile to load, and there is NO nudity here as I do have a little bit of class.

*This site is best viewed with Internet Explorer*

Thanks for stopping by

Love, Michelle

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