The Top 10 Reasons I Love Brian are as follows...

By the way, the top 10 reason is #1, so you have to read them backwards for the correct order.

  1. How he loves me unconditionally and without end
  2. The way he kisses me on the forehead when he first sees me after a long time away from each other
  3. He gives me massages at the times I really need them the most
  4. How he'll just drop everything to help me out
  5. Just how he always knows what I'm thinking and what to say to make me feel good
  6. The way he treats me like a princess
  7. How he can never kiss me, hug me, and hold me enough
  8. When he realizes he did something wrong, how he tries so desperately to get back into my good graces
  9. How his eyes light up when he gets a look at me
  10. The way he says "I love you."

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