Brian and I are no longer a couple. We broke up about a month ago (March 2004), and it looks to be a "for good" thing. However, I'm leaving the website up for those of you who liked it. I regret nothing! Everything beyond this point is old and outdated. If you are my new boyfriend discovering this for the first time, please do not hold it against me. I love you now! :-P

Mush alert!! I love Brian a lot, and if you don't stomach romance well, I suggest you leave now!

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WHAT I UPDATED: Added the heading to say we broke up

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Welcome to my site! It's not the greatest site, and it doesn't have a whole lot on it yet, but I like it. I guess the main thing you need to know about me is that I have a boyfriend -- Brian -- whom I love very much and intend to marry someday. This page is dedicated to him and all the wonderful things he does for me.

If you want to learn more about me, click here. Seriously, though, there's not much to know. Brian is my life, and that's why this page's content is mostly about him. If you're really interested in a webpage about me, you're in the wrong place. I have another Geocities site at Merly's Page. That should satisfy all your needs... I hope. Anyway, on to the show! The list of links to the left will show you just why I love him so much.

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Brian and I have a magnetic pull. :)

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Guestbook Disclaimer: Julie has reserved the right to view submissions to the guestbook before they are posted, so if you don't really have anything nice to say to Brian, they won't get posted. Keep in mind that insulting him is not the way to make me like you or get your submission in the guestbook. But I do read them all. Feel free to insult me all you like. It doesn't bother me since I don't know you. As long as you say nice things to Brian, all will be good. With that said, on with the show.

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