Ecomarsho intro photo, with small pumpkinsStepping stones from eco-spirit to eco-projects

News views and links to ways and means of eco-projects improvements. With a basis in Lifestyle and Philosophy, we'll see how practical we can get, with techie ideas and considering what would be the ideal challenge (if any). The inner way meets up with the need for creativity in solving current in-the-world problems.

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Main themes ideas -

I should have more images fairly soon, please be patient.

Stylised drawing board suggests art and design skills maybe 
art designs by Ecomarsho

Next lot of themes ideas -  

Summer 2010 not a good gardening year highlight and smoke from squatters and fungus no help - indoors with higher-power solar panels in windows is better...

 early 2010 pumpkin pics
seedlings prior to any slug damage.

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