Other MS Personal Home Pages

These are links to other MS'ers personal home pages. These are sites that I have found useful, interesting, uplifting, or humorous ( we all need a good laugh every now and then!):

All About MS
LOTS of good stuff here - check it out!

Terri's Page
Colorful page with good info about MS

Angela's Page
Angela's story, lots of pictures

Cyberspace Dave's Page
Read all about Dave and the coolsuit project

Jendie's Place
Jendie's page is under construction - she's in a new spot - check it out....

Laughing at Adversity
Enjoy this MSer's sense of humor!

Pixie's Portal
Doorway to Significant Other Information Exchange

Melnik's Happy HomePage
Check out Melanie's upbeat page, lots of good stuff here--there was a dancing chicken greeting me!

Tim Stout's MS Page
Good MS Info, Survey

Aapo Halko's MS Crossroads

A Finland MS'er
Andy's Homepage
Great Page, lots of good info, links, etc.
Brejcha Personal & Disability Resource Site
Lots of Disability Information

Honeybee Angel's Page
Great Page about her Life and Fight against Multiple Sclerosis

Wendy's MS Page
Lots of Good MS Info- Even has Some Pictures Explaining MS

Smitty's MS World
Colorful Site with lots of Good Graphics. Be Sure to Ride the Rollercoaster!!!

ThJuland's Glen
Includes extensive page for reference, a message board, poetry, prose...

Annie's Attic
Annie's Story, Message Board

Jen's MS Page
Read Jen's Story About Diagnosis

The Happy MS Page
Check out Richard's Tips for Accessible Gardening, Travel, Exercise, and More....

Diane's Home Page
Diane's story, seasonal page...

Brian's Home Page
LOTS of MS links

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