Molly's Sword
First a little history....

We all know that I am a master ranger, but few really know about my wife Molly. She runs the keep well and beyond that few people have any idea what she did before retiring from adventuring. She was the best thief I have ever seen (beside Heather Naga, Stormy's bodyguard and master ninja). I fell in love with her and we soon got married...

For her wedding gift I wanted to get her something special. Both she and I are avid sword collectors, always buying and trading swords of all kinds. She has some enchanted blades, but nothing really powerful (some are gorgeous and well crafted, but non-magical). I went to my uncle Zedalimir and ask if he could forge a weapon to suit her. He replied that he would do what he could and walked off to get started. A month passes and the wedding is the next day. I travel down to his forge and ask if it's ready. He informs me that due to the nature of the blade he is imbueing, it has taken much longer than anticipated. At this point I am tearing my hair out and walk off to figure out what to do. The next day the wedding takes place on the roof of the keep. The ceremony was incredible and many attended. Afterwards when we retired to our bedchamber, now joined in matrimony, Molly asks me if we can exchange our wedding gifts now. I take a big gulp and say to her we can always wait til tommorrow. She says that now is as good a time as any. She then gets up and goes to the closet and pulls out two gifts! Stunned I take the gift she hands me and she starts opening the other gift. When she finally gets the last of the paper off, she gasps in astonishment. She then hugs and kisses me and says that it was the best gift ever and for me to open mine. Excited and relieved, I begin to tear the paper wrapping. When I finally uncover the gift I start laughing hesterically. Seems my uncle was working on TWO SWORDS for the wedding!!
Name: Shadowcleaver
Weapon Type: Shortsword
Enchantment: +4
Damage: 1-6+4 (x2:special)
Damage Type: slash/pierce
Attk/Rnd: normal + 1
Weapon Speed: 1 (always 1st)
Special Abilities: (see right)
Composition: Adamantine/Galvorn Alloy
Overall Length: 34 in.
Blade Length: 26 in.
Blade Profile: fullered diamond/distal taper
Weight: 2 lbs. 2oz.
Balance: neutral (fulcrum at hilt)
Owner: Molliver Telepelen
Creator: Zedalimir
Special Abilities:

* Blink (5x/day).
* Heal  (1x/day).
* Infravision.
* Ultravision.
* +10% to thieving skills (99%
    hide in shadows).
* Only surprised 1 in 10.
* Addition attack/round.
* Always gets first attack.
* Natural roll of higher than 15
   does 2x damage.
* Natural roll of 20 does damage
    equal to wielder's hps.
* Blades scabbard give protection
    vs non-magical weapons
* Anyone other than Molly, Turgil,
    and Zedalimir must make a saving
    throw vs spell to wield. Failure
    means 2-20 damage and dropping
    the weapon     
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