"Welcome to the Player's Guild"; says Molly, Turgil's wife, as she greets you at the door.  "Lots of our friends gather here to share their storys and advise."

You look around the room and see many friendly faces, most you don't yet reconize.  A young girl sits apart from the rest, reading from the papers in front of her.  Molly tells you the girl is Faith, a young cleric, and a friend of Turgil's.  You can talk with anyone who is here, and even have your ideas or thoughts printed in the forum.
If you're in need of some character sheets, you've come to the right place.
Heather Naga:
Master Ninja and personal bodyguard for Stormy, Heather looks forward to sharing information about the martial arts with you. (Click on Heather's name for introduction or...)
Will return soon...A mutant rabbit, Snow, can share information with you about creating mutant characters.
Janier Rapaul:
A member of the FWA (Free World Alliance), Janier can tell you about the advantages of joining the FWA. See Vor in the Master's Inn for additional FWA info.
Talk Back In The Player's Forum:
Read what other visitors to the guild have to say.  Email us with your comments to be posted in the Forum.  (Just click on the Forum you'd like to read below.)

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