You've entered the Master's Inn. As you look around you notice a few patrons silently drinking some ale.  The Inn Keeper tells you about his guests, and advises you speak to Verminaard.
The Inn Keeper tells you that Vor is a member of the FWA (Free World Alliance), an orginization started by Stormy.  Vor can tell you how to use the FWA in your game to introduce new characters to your players.

Speak with Vor about the FWA
See FWA Academy Introduction
Download FWA Academy Information

Stormy's husband, Verminaard, has been exposed to a lot of different worlds and can share his ideas with you on how to make different games play well together.

Speak with Verminaard about Mixing Games
Speak with Verminaard about Gaming Details
            Verminaard's Study (Recommended Books)
Download Monster NPC Sheet

Also a member of the FWA, Lorien is a mutant cat and a good friend of Turgil's.  She can offer ideas on using mutants in your game.

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