Welcome, my new friend.  I am pleased that you wish to know more about playing a Martial Arts type game.  I am Heather Naga, friend and personal bodyguard to Stormy.  I am honored that you came to me for advise, and I hope that ideas here help you in creating your own Martial Arts type character.

We recommend using
AD&Dís Oriental Adventures as a reference when using any of the ideas we present.  This book might prove hard to come by however, last we heard it was no longer in print.  We suggest looking at used book stores for a copy of this book.  (I was just informed by Verminaard that TSR discontinued this series because Ninjas were too powerful and TSR could not modify them enough to make them work in the normal game.  Your DM/GM can modify your game on their own to make them work if you want to add them to your game.  Email Verminaard, our resident DM, for ideas.)

Following the guidelines of the book, create your character.  To recap from
Oriental Adventures there are several character classes to choose from, I myself am Wu Jen.

Barbarians....the hunters and warriors.
Bushi...the soldiers.
Kensai...specializes in a single weapon type.
Monks...balancing body and spirit through meditation and fighting.
Ninja...specializes in stealth and disguise.
Samurai...the royal warriors.
Shukenja...the healers.
Sohei...holy warriors.
Wu Jen...magical warriors.
Yakuza...the thugs and protectors (if paid).

Once the character has been created, family and background become critical.  Shukenja, Sohei, and Wu Jen are the only character classes that do not require a family.  Monks do not use a family name.  The book allows for a dice roll to decide your birth rank and honor.  Honor is very important to the Martial Arts type character, for without honor, you might as well slink off to some hole in the ground and die.  Every deed you do effects your honor.  When you download the Base Character Sheet from Faith, youíll notice a place on the front page to put this information.  (You'll also notice Faith has a Martial Arts Technique Sheet, which is used
with the Base Character Sheet.)  We have spent a lot of time creating families and histories which we hope you will find useful in your game.  The following is a list of the families which we will provide a history and other information for.  Each of the families falls into a class rank, and we determined all of our histories the old fashioned way...with a roll of the dice.

Upper Class:                                                      

Upper-Middle Class:                                            

Middle Class:   

Lower-Middle Class:  

Lower Class:  

No Class Rating:
                                                                                The Tanaka Monastery
(Monks do not use family names or honor.)

Select any of the underlined family names to read a brief history or Download Family Histories for a printable version for easy refernce during your game play.  Questions about the families can be directed to me by email.  Simply type "Heather" in the subject line.  As you read through the histories, take note that some of the characters have character sheets that you may download for your game.  Also, we hope to provide maps for some locations as well in the near future.  I will let you know in the Player's Guild when new downloads, information, or ideas become available.
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