Visitors!!!  Wow...most people don't like hangin out with me.  It's a shame, because I have lots of great stuff I could share!  Actually, I used to have some really cool stuff, but then Turgil started leaving all his swords and daggars at home, so now all I can manage to get off of him is some maps.  Stormy says I should expect that with him being a ranger.  Stormy is so much fun.  One time we had this great food fight, only Stormy didn't look too happy when I mistook her crystal ball for a melon and hurdled it at her.  Come to think of it, she didn't look too happy before that either.  Oh well.  There are a pile of maps over there, you can have the one I've unrolled.
Map Of Atlantia - Stormy's Underwater Tower:
When Stormy needs quiet time, this is where she goes.  Once here, she cannot be reached...and once guests leave, they forget they were ever there!
Map Of FWA Headquarters:
Located on Rigal 7, FWA Headquarters houses the FWA Acadamy, where members of the FWA receive their advanced training.
Town Building Maps:
Coming Soon...What town would be complete without an Inn, a Tavern, and a Library...just to name a few.
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