New This Week:

We have been a little behind in our posts due to various reasons.

Stormy: Having a SIMS (the PC game) attack, started another web site.  Sim fans, visit the new site at Mail Order Sims.

Turgil: Working like crazy (yes, we do have real lives).

Annoying (aka Verminaard): Writer's block.  Or so he claims.

Top 10 Reasons NOT To Play A Mutant Chicken is new in the Player's Forum.
New This Week:
Welcome to our site, we are here to inspire you in your D&D quests with ideas and advise.  Our site is a work in progress, so new things will be added all the time.  The material for our site comes from our own quests; and ideas and knowledge we've gained from the game.

Please remember while viewing the site that these are ideas, not meant to work with everyone's games, as each group of people have different gaming styles.  We hope you will take what you can from the site and "tweak" it to suit your gaming needs.  We only ask that you not post our ideas or suggestions on other web sites.  If you have ideas that you would like to see appear on the site, send us an email and we'll see what we can do.

We hope you find this site useful and will bookmark us and visit often.  Tell your RPG friends about us, as we have areas for for all members of your gaming group...whether you're the DM/GM or a player.  And don't forget,  we value your feedback, so drop us a line if you have time before your next adventure!
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