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I have all her UK 12 inch singles, everything that she has had out on CD in the UK. A couple of 80’s American tour ‘Crew’ jackets and the UK version of her book sex (mint condition complete with plastic bag!)

I toured in America with the Thompson Twins in the mid eighties the tour ending at Live Aid in Philadelphia. Leading up to Live Aid USA the Thompson Twins gigged with Madonna several times;

Yes I have been in the company of Madonna on several occasions. All I will say is that she was very much like I had imagined her to be.

I was going to upload hundreds of pictures of her but most are on the internet already. I have however given links to my favourite Madonna websites which you may or may not have visited but anyway enjoy!

I work as a DJ in Leeds (England) I also write plays for television. As a hobby I read and build websites. If you are say, 40 plus (single like me) the mere fact that you at you are reading this could be a reason for you to contact me! And who knows! That's me>>>>>>>>>

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