Hi! You are very welcome to my site. I'm an Italian guy, living not far from MILAN, in the north of Italy.

My homepage is growing and I am adding more and more stuff to it. I have a page about MILAN. The milanese page is still under construction but for all who are interested in languages and dialects it offers information about the dialect of Milan. I like languages and I have a huge collection of grammars at home.

If you share the same interests please feel free to e-mail me, I'd love to have friends around the globe. I have many other interests:

I will link the above topics to new pages in the future.

NEW! Have a look at the imaginary landscapes I created with Terragen software. I included a link to the site where you can download the software and create your own fantasy worlds.

Have a look at this funny video.

Visit my early navigation history

See my WebCam

and my ANCIENTSITES web pages

************COOL! Stelae from Ancient Egypt *************

I recently edited some pages about Francesco Sangalli. He was born in 1820 and became a good musician and professor of music at the Conservatorio of Milan. He was a grand-grand uncle of mine. My uncle Luciano made some nice midi files so I decided to put them on the web, as Sangalli's music has never been published. Francesco was a man of talent and one of his operas was performed at La Scala, the famous opera-house in Milan. Visit Sangalli here (you can listen to the audio files!)

Enter my milanese page

This is the weather today in Europe.

My sister and brother-in-law (Silvia and Kelvin) live in Germany. They have 2 children, Dominique and Dimitri. I include a picture of my two nephews that I love very much, and I send a big kiss to all the family, wishing they have a good time on the Web.

On december 26, 1999 my other sister (Luisa), had a daughter: Alice. The nurses at the hospital named her "Patatona", because she was born in very good health (initial weight about 4Kg). You can see her, my sister Luisa and Vito (her husband) HERE.

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