The Craiger Family      


July 2006


Hello! My name is Lori and the web pages you are visiting were made by me unless otherwise noted. This page is to tell you a little bit about myself and my family.


I am a nurse and I work for a hospice company. I am married to a wonderful man named Roger and we have two beautiful daughters. We are all Christians and love our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


April 2005


Roger has a new job. He is now head of maintenance at LaQuinta Inn in Blountville, TN. He is home every day now and not missing his family so much. That is the reason he changed jobs. So, if you are ever in the area and staying at the LaQuinta Inn and see this handsome maintenance man walking around, say hello. Roger is a wonderful, supportive husband and the best dad a girl could have to our daughters.


June 2005


Kristina is our oldest daughter. She graduated from Berea College in Berea, KY this year (2007) with a BS in Biology. She got engaged in 2005 to a most wonderful Christian fellow named Frankie. He is from Kentucky and they met in college. They were married this past June 2007 and are currently living in Bowling Green, KY while Kristina goes to Western KY University for her Masters in Biology with emphasis on parasitology and animal epidemiology. Frankie is working at the Ramada Inn while Kristina attends college. Below is a photo of Kristina and Frankie on their wedding day.


June 9, 2007




October 2005

December 2007



Taylor and Nicole with a guard at Buckingham Palace

Nicole on the Eiffel Tower


This is our youngest daughter, Nicole. She is a Senior in high school this year (2007). She is a superb piano player. She loves baseball, cars, and photography. She just returned from a trip to Europe (England, France, and Italy) with the People to People program as a student ambassador. Above are two photos of her from that trip. Also, as you can see below, Nicole loves being a tomboy, but she is all girl


May 2004

April 2005

We also have three other members of our family. Our two dogs. Rusty is a Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie) that we rescued from a local animal shelter when he was 13 months old. Muffin is a Beagle/Basenji mix that was abandoned on the side of the road and taken to the vets office where Kristina worked and we adopted her from there. And our new kitten, Nemo, who we adopted from the Washington County Animal Shelter in September 2005. I have made web pages featuring all three of them if you'll just click on the link to the family pets on my home web page.


Well that is all for now. I will add and update as I get the chance. God bless each and every one of you!





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