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This is my home page with links to all of the other web pages I have made. There are different pages about my family, my ancestors ( a continuous work in progress), special events and occasions, awards & diplomas, links to other cousins' pages, special dedication pages, a page of gifts I have received, groups I am a member of, etc. I will be continually adding as I find the time so please bookmark this page and come back often to visit and view any updates. Thanks for visiting and may God Bless you!


ATTENTION:  The background, dividers, and buttons on this page were created by my 16-year-old daughter, Nicole. She is so very talented and I am so very proud of her!

Nicole is also the new webmaster of our local ruritan club's website. For those that don't know about ruritan it is a club that stands for "goodwill, fellowship, and community service". She continues to work on the website so visit often to see it. Also, consider joining your local ruritan club, if you have one, to help make your community a better place to live. Below is the link to Bowmantown Ruritan Club.


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