"The 1960's were discos and clubs, and dances like the Twist, the Stomp, the Frug, the Hitch-hiker, Walkin' the Dog, the Swim, and the free-form, do your own steps of the Go-Go" - Australia In The 60's -  Rigby Publishers, 1980.
By 1964, everything got the 'A Go-Go' or 'Au Go-Go' treatment.  Anything with a name had the words added to it.  A bit like the 'R Us' we saw on everything when Toys R Us became a big name.  Movies, cartoons and establishments.  Another thing that came along with the Au Go-Go treatment was the exclamation mark (!).  This was added to a lot of the television pop shows such as England's 'Ready, Steady, Go!', America's 'Shindig!' and Australia's 'Go! Show'.  (And this web-site!)
Author of the 'Naked Ape' and 'Manwatching', Desmond Morris, was a zoologist and an academic who wrote about the 'subtle art of discotheque dancing'.  He expressed that the mod dances, especially those performed by females in cages, were as blatantly primitive as those seen in Africa and that the females had adopted male characteristics by simulating copulation in their dancing by constantly thrusting their pelvises back and forth in their movements.