Writing Short Rhyming Poems with Metaphors

What Editors Say

Unsolicited Comment on Poems Collected for the First Time in 21st Century Bread:

“Boiler Man” — Unique voice... powerful storytelling in poetic form.... “Cooling Off with Cayenne” — What a quirky story! I love the twist at the end. — Sharon Hadrian, Editor, Antithesis Common.

“Dance of the Quivering Digits,” “Floundering,” and “Homecoming” — Fabulous capsules of feeling...! I particularly admire the 'hand flawlessly fitting in a snug glove tone' of your lines. — Robert Scott Leyse, Editor, The ShatterColors Literary Review.

“Struck from Lightning” and “Mountain Laurel”— Clever, well-written...they electrify— Michael Burch, Editor, The HyperTexts.

“Cobbler's Bench” — Bravo!... What particularly struck me... is how it tied in the desire to end the idle talk it hears with ‘sewing up loose tongues so each holds fast’. Beautiful double-entendre — Harvey Stanbrough, Editor, The Raintown Review.

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