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Author’s notes: The history of the kingdom of Pollux is loosely based in the Vikings and the Roman Empire. While doing my research, I had the opportunity to read more about mythology and astronomy, two of my favorite topics. It’s fascinating to know that Voltron and other anime series use ancient history for their plots, naming their characters, cities, planets, etc.

According to Greek mythology, there were two brothers, Castor and Polydeuces (Pollux in Latin) their mother was Queen Leda of Sparta, who was seduced by Zeus in the form of a swan. The same night she also slept with her husband King Tyndareus. As a result she bore the Twins. Castor was mortal, and Polydeuces immortal. They were inseparable and devoted to each other. Both excelled in hunting and the arts of war.

Castor’s life ended as a result of an encounter with another pair of twins, Idas and Lynceus. Pollux was inconsolable at the loss of his twin. He prayed to Zeus that he might share his immortality with his brother. Zeus took mercy on the twins and set them together eternally among the stars as the constellation of Gemini.

I want to thank Editor-in-Chief Lynne (Bonds 2 – The Ties That Bind) for her support and wonderful ideas. Esto es para ti, amiga.

I want to thank Jayme Lawson for letting me use her description of Doom Castle from her Lotor and Allura fic, “Trial By Fire” (He isn’t such a bad fellow, if you give him a chance ;-) )


Our Evil Twin Planet

“What is history but a fable agreed upon?” Napoleon Bonaparte.

“Any fool can make a decision, but a real man takes responsibility for the consequences of his decisions.” Prince Avok.

“Don’t believe everything Lotor tells you.” Princess Romelle.


Bandor came into my bedroom, hurling himself onto my bed. He proceeded to recite his plans for the day, which included four hours of academics and fencing lessons.

“After my classes, let’s go to the beach,” he urged.

“Okay,” I mumbled groggily, rubbing my eyes. “That will give me enough time to oversee the ordering of supplies for the castle with the steward. And I’ll ask the cook to prepare us a picnic basket.”

He swiftly stood up. “Great! I’ll see you later then. Helveg must be waiting for me in the library.”

After he left, I slowly pulled on my blue silk robe and entered the bathroom, yawning as I walked. I had certainly enjoyed more restful nights in my twenty-two years. I had tried to sleep, but succeeded in snatching only a series of fitful catnaps. I kept dreaming of falling- falling into a pit and being hurt. Then I would see a light coming toward me and invariable jerked awake again. I wished I could get pass that light to see who it was. I have become one of those people who believe in premonitions ever since I dreamed my mother’s premature death when I was only eight years old.

When I returned to the bedchamber, I walked to the window and paused for several moments to enjoy the view, while my ladies in waiting prepared my things. Several gardeners were hard at work in the yard, which sloped downward toward the North Sea. Half of the yard was terraced to accommodate a swimming pool, the other half held an enchanting garden, complete with a central gazebo and small tables and chairs hidden away among the shrubs and flowers.

“Will you be having breakfast at the gardens, Milady?” Helena asked.

“Yes, and then we’re going to the village. I want to speak with Madam Kora.”

“The fortuneteller,” Octavia said brightly. “We haven’t visited her in months. Do you want her to read you the tarot cards?”

“Not this time. I want her to interpret a dream I had last night.”

“I don’t believe in that sort thing,” Helena remarked disapprovingly, as she helped me into a light muslin gown of pale blue.

Octavia narrowed her eyes at her. “Her Highness and I do,” she retorted. “Besides, when Madam Kora told me that I would meet a tall, dark and handsome fellow, she was right.”

A mischievous smile touched Helena’s lips. “Unfortunately, he wasn’t a prince, but a soldier.”

“Not just a soldier- he’s a tribuni (a staff officer),” Octavia said proudly.

“Calm down, ladies,” I ordered. “It doesn’t matter if you marry royalty, a member of the armed forces or a civilian. What matters is that the man you choose loves you and cherishes you, is that understood?”

“Yes, Your Majesty,” they replied in unison.

“Please, Milady,” Astrid said, motioning me to be seated before the dressing table. “Allow me to style your hair.”

As she brushed and arranged my hair, she continued in her soft voice. “I’m honored to be allowed to come to Polydeuces Castle. My family is deeply grateful with His Majesty, Prince Avok for rescuing us from those space pirates. He’s so brave and so-”

“Handsome,” Helena said teasingly.

“Strong,” Octavia sighed rather dramatically, clutching a huge blue pillow in her arms.

“And unattached,” I finished, smiling.

A flush rose to Astrid’s cheeks. “Yes, he’s all that.” She paused for a moment, concentrating on the thick plait she was braiding. She’s a striking beauty. She has long, bluish black hair and chocolate brown eyes that are warm and friendly. She had joined the court a few weeks ago, and already had caught the fancy of many of Avok’s tribunes. But she only has eyes for my dear brother; unfortunately, he’s too preoccupied with work and his training that he hasn’t noticed her.

Moments later, Astrid had fashioned my hair in a Roman style, with a braid as a headband, and the remainder of my hair falling down my back.

“It’s lovely, Astrid,” I said, shaking my head to feel the mass of hair swinging free. “I could never achieve this result on my own. Thank you.”

I saw a gleam of pleasure light the girl’s eyes, and added teasingly, “I must remember to thank my brother for bringing you here.”

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