And what is a S'Mellee? S'Mellees are little people, smaller than dwarves... Oops. Wrong epic. ;) The definition of what exactly is a S'Mellee has changed over time (i.e. since last April). The original definition was basically, anyone who saw the [obvious] superiority of Sven and Romelle as a couple, over Keith and Allura, or Lance and Allura, or (God forbid!) Lotor and Allura (yechh!) But that was a little too exclusionary, no? A number of my friends are K&Aers (nobody's perfect), so in order to be more inclusionary, the definition has been modified. It now reads something like:

S'Mellee: 1. adj.Of or pertaining to the idea that Sven and Romelle are, as a couple, more firmly based in reality, at least in the television show, than Keith and Allura. (As in: "That's a really S'Mellee notion!") 2. n. One who believes Sven and Romelle yadda yadda... (As in: "S'Mellees don't smell!")

You can tell I'm making this up as I go along, right? There's also that third definition, the one about how Sven and Romelle are, as characters, more complex and interesting (and better-looking!) than Keith and Allura can ever hope to be, but... We won't go there. ;)

That aside, the reason these pages exist is that there really is no other S&R resource available on the 'Net, which really is a shame, especially with the advent of that ridiculous V3D and a whole new crop of Voltron fans WHO NEVER HEARD OF BRAVE SVEN AND COURAGEOUS ROMELLE! ::sniffle:: Oh, well.

Probably the best place to begin, if you're unfamiliar with the original S'Mellees, would be the Image Gallery, culled from various other Voltron sites around the 'Net. (None of these pics, save one, are mine. If you see something of yours in the Gallery, and I haven't credited you at the bottom of the page, please let me know and I'll remedy that at once!) Feel free to swipe anything you like from the Image Gallery, by the way.

I should probably talk a little bit about my own takes on the characters. These are my own opinions, of course, and not gospel at all, but... ::shrug:: My little dissertation is right here. I hope it does not offend. It's not that I don't like Keith and Allura... I just like Sven and Romelle much much more. ;) And I feel like they've been ignored all these years.

That said, I welcome with open arms, all my fellow S'Mellees (including the ones still in the closet!) I am more than happy to post any stories, pictures, or dissertations sent my way. The stipulations are these:

1. You must be nice to Romelle. I have seen that girl receive more flack than any other character on the show, and I still don't understand why. If someone wants to explain it to me, please do. I think she's very gusty and courageous and deserving of our

handsome Hero. ::shrug:: You don't have to like her, but do be consistent with her portrayal in the show. In any case, be nice.

2. It is open season on Prince Lotor at the S'Mellee Zone. Seriously. You've seen the Lotor-Bashing Free Zones. Well, this is a Lotor-Bashing Zone. That doesn't mean you have to be mean to him, or disclude him, or anything. I simply won't post any stories in which he is portrayed as an heroic, likable, romantic figure. He's a sick psycho who has abused too many people (i.e. one or more) to merit my empathy. That sounded harsh. I don't care. This is my page, and there are other pro-Lotor pages. I mean, by all means write him as a complex, interesting, character. But remember he's evil.

3. That's pretty much it, I think. Oh, mature fanfics are permitted, but nothing too explicit, please. Be kind. Be courteous. ( We'll see if I follow my own advice...) Even though this site is designated for S&R that doesn't mean anything has to be exclusively about S&R. The best fanfics, I think, are the ones that include everyone (especially Lance!!).

That said, I hope you enjoy the S'Mellee Zone. Please direct any questions or comments to the e-mail addy at the bottom of the page. And please sign the guestbook (which is on the front page of this site; I really, really appreciate it! (The chibis, btw, are by me, as is all other artwork at this site, unless otherwise stated.) Have fun and thanks for stopping by! :)

Disclaimer: "Voltron" and its characters are property of World Events Productions.

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