January 3rd, 2304

Six hours later, we landed on Planet Doom. I knew that Voltron wouldn’t follow us, they just couldn’t leave the people of Arus in the hour of need. As for Bandor, his cruiser wasn’t in any condition for another long flight. But at this moment, I would prefer facing all of them than my father. I came this close to conquering Arus, but it appears that some higher entity protects that damn robot.

I rose from my command chair and rubbed a tight muscle in my neck. I looked up and saw that Romelle was still unconscious. She had become hysterical when we fled Arus, and I had ordered Hagar to silence her.

Cossack entered the bridge and stood beside me, his complexion blanched, his pupil-less eyes fixed on her. “The princess was mad,” he uttered.

“More than mad,” I retorted. She was crazy, insane, and without concern for her own safety.

“I thought she was gonna to fall from there,” Cossack turned even paler. “And break every bone in her pretty little body.”

As usual, old Cossack was squeamish. Unusually, I found myself to be a little squeamish at the thought of her, lying broken and lifeless…

I grimaced. Damn! What was happening to me? Why was I worrying about her welfare?

“Force the Princess to your bed, sire,” Cossack advised. “You have been patient longer than most men in your place would be. Once you have feasted on her flesh, you can turn your mind to more important matters.”

I glanced at him. “Yes, like sending you to the coliseum to fight the robeasts,” I said tersely.

Cossack flushed and looked away. “Forgive me, sire, I meant no disrespect. It is wrong of me to tell you what to do. I accept whatever punishment you deem proper.”

I heaved a heavy sigh. “I don’t have the time or the inclination of punishing you, Cossack. But you’re right, I have given Princess Romelle ample time to accept her fate.”

I used to think I understood women. In fact, I had flattered myself into believing I understood them very well. On the whole they were a simple gender, delighted by little tokens of affection and awed by a man’s strength and bravery. Father disagreed with me. He told me that women only acted amiably because I was a prince. He said that when women were on a manhunt, they acted like damsels in distress. After a man had been trapped- he claimed- they became bold and disrespectful. And that was the signal to get rid of them and find another.

But that didn’t explain Romelle. She had not trapped me; on the contrary, she had fought tooth and nail to stay out of my bed. Was I so repulsive then? My concubines didn’t think so.

When had the gentle Princess of Pollux changed so much?

I remembered her well, when I met her at the coliseum, all smiling grace and amiable goodness, obedient and mild…and some how she has become a fiery termagant, just like Allura.

I pursued her relentlessly, listened to her yearning for her family and her castle, and then tried to seduce her. But I had frightened the princess with my impetuous appetite, an appetite that had even taken me by surprise. If only I could have had her then, I now would have been glad for it. She wouldn’t have informed the Voltron Force about our plans regarding the Omega Comet. Instead, she would be in my arms, contented from my lovemaking, and, when I was done stroking her supple body, kissing her luscious mouth, suckling on those magnificent breasts, she would be looking forward to our next lovemaking.

I had never been particularly enthralled with marriage, until I met Allura. But with her out of my grasp, I decided to focus all my attention on Romelle. I knew that other men would consider my attitude toward her ridiculous. If a woman belonged to a man, and he desired her body, she gave it…or he took it. Yet from the beginning, I had not been able to force her.

My frustration at my own stupidity and constant taunting from my father made my blood race, and deliberately, I turned my mind away. She had been reckless and wayward, and she deserved what was coming to her. I should have suspected her plan, but…when had Romelle become the kind of woman who would climb down a tower to escape her destiny?

To escape me…Crown Prince Lotor of Doom!

I looked up at her once again. But I’ll show you…you will yield to me whether you want to or not. I have spent months dreaming of our coupling, and you will not deny me, Romelle. Your will never deny me again!

“Take her back to her chambers,” I told Cossack, “and tell the headmistress to treat her gently.”

“Yes, sir.”

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