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Welcome to Arno's ChoirPage
First I'll introduce myself: I am Arno and I live and work in a town called Brielle in the Netherlands.
My most time consuming hobby is singing of mostly classical choral music.
Currently I sing in a couple of project based choirs and in one 'full-time' choir.

What can you find here
On this site I'll tell you about the choirs I actually sing in or used to sing in, about the repertoire of these choirs and about the composers of the music.
On the pages dedicated to the choirs I will try to inform you about the concert schedule.
The 'Tips & Tricks' section has usefull hints to improve your singing technique.
By clicking 'Samples' you can download some RealAudio© samples of choral music.
While you're on my ChoirPage I invite you to fill out my Guestbook.
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