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Welcome to all Third Reich PC players and fans.  I created this website because I saw that this great game was not getting the credit it deserves.  The purpose of this site to organize all the web resources available on the web for 3R on one site.  Hopefully helping help those who enjoy playing Third Reich PC.  I have been playing Third Reich PC since 1999, but I have been playing the board game version since I was in Junior High School (I am now 30 years old you do the math).  I loved to play the board game version, but since I joined the Air Force it was hard to find players.  PBM was an option, but this was too slow for my taste.  When Avalon Hill can out with the PC version I was thrilled.  I started to look for others who owned the game, but it seemed that the game went to ancient status not too long after coming out.  I found only two web sites that dealt with the game, and these are no longer maintained.  Therefore, I came to the decision to publish this site.

            You will find a varying range of subjects covered within this site, all of which relate to Third Reich. My main interest is publishing strategies and tactics for the game. There is not much on web (really none).  What I want to do is post articles from Avalon Hill’s The GENERAL Magazine, which is now no longer published.  Even though, these articles relate to the board game they could help the PC players too.  It is a complicated issue but there is a lot of information out there and it would be great to post for Third Reich fans. Another goal is to post other peoples ideas for the game, like set-ups and different tricks, thinks to over come the drawbacks of the game etc. Another hope of this site is to create a list of players to promote playing by E-mail.  If you would like this let me know I will work on making a PBEM page with addresses to those who are willing to play.   

            Due to this it means that the continual expansion of this site really is dependant on the resources supplied to me by you... the visitors to this site. Therefore, if you have something that you feel could be used and you are willing to let it be published on this site please e-mail me and I will put it on the site.  A word about copyrights…Material contained on this site has been used without permission. This should not be seen as a challenge to the Copyrights or Copyright owners as this site is designed purely to provide free promotion on the subjects covered within it and no monetary profit is gained in any form.

I also started a Third Reich group on Yahoo (thirdreichpc) to facilitate the exchange of strategies, tactics, extras for the game. This group could also be used as a forum to list players interested in playing by e-mail and sending saved games to one another. I hope this group provides this for such a great game. Check back often I will be scanning in some of the Third Reich articles from past General Magazines.         

            Lastly, please remember to tell your friends about this site and I hope it offers you something of interest.  Enjoy...



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