Kissy Face: or "Pumpkin and Scrambler, sitting in a..."

Note: Y'all remember that 'anticipatory fear' I mentioned in the intro to "You've Lost that Lovin' Feeling?"? Remember how I said that every time I think I have found the *one* funniest RP session it gets topped? Well, guess done happened again. Please brace yourselves for the session that topped "You've Lost that Lovin' Feeling": "Kissy Face".

The set-up: Scrambler is at Decepticon HQ on Earth, in the turbolift with Motormaster and Puff when, over the broadband, she hears:

[Autobot] Skyfire says, "Air Raid, I wonder if your good friend Scrambler is listening in on us."

[Autobot] Pumpkin chuckles, "I feel a song coming on..."

Scrambler sighs. "...not again..."

[Autobot] Air Raid snorts, "/my/ good friend..ask lover boy.."

[Autobot] Skyfire says, "We need to serinade her this time..Lover boy."

Motormaster grumbles as he finds himself squeezed in next to the dragon again.

[Autobot] Air Raid snickers, "all the bots who want to seranade Pie's me outside the ark

Scrambler sighs. " little tactical thermonuclear that really so much to ask?"

Puff -accidently- pushes Motormaster up against the wall. "Err, my apologies, sir." He states as he shuffles about into a better position. "For?" He asks Scrambler."

Scrambler says, "...autobots...."

Puff snorts. "I see."

Motormaster waits patiently behind the dragon, thinking to himself that someone should've thought about where he'd stay /before/ they built him.

Descent summons the turbolift and steps inside.

Descent has arrived.

Descent saunters in.

Descent walks into the Lift, a hazy aura around her, the air wavering.

Scrambler is staring into space, apparently lost in thought.

[Autobot] Skyfire starts up the serinade for poor old Scrambler, and he is off key as well fear..A singing Guardian, o\Ooh, now let's get down tonight~Baby I'm hot just like an oven ~I need some lovin'

[Autobot] Skyfire starts up the serinade for poor old Scrambler, and he is off key as well fear..A singing Guardian, o\Ooh, now let's get down tonight~Baby I'm hot just like an oven ~I need some lovin'And baby, I can't hold it much longer ~It's getting stronger and stronger~And when I get that feeling ~I want Sexual Healing~Sexual Healing, oh baby~Makes me feel so fine /o

Descent nods to the mechs inside the lift, then turns to hit a button.

Scrambler winces and sighs. " we go again.........."

[Autobot] Pumpkin tries to sound serious, "Hey!! You trying to take my femme??"

Scrambler hits the button for level 2

You step out of the lift.

Con Tower -- Science Level

Pivotal to the entire spire is this room, containing numerous corridors and doors that run off the central circular room. A turbo lift, surrounded by banks of active monitors and computer consoles, allows access to the higher levels of the complex and forms the focal point for the room.

The Hub is filled with constant noise, the generators below as well as the chatter of conversation barely audible behind the closed doors. Set into one wall is a formidable chrome Decepticon symbol, facing all those who enter from the turbo lift. Below this a bank of security cameras are a constant reminder to the inhabitants that the Decepticon leaders trust no-one.

You step into the turbolift.

Con Tower -- Turbolift


Descent [Robot] [D]
Motormaster [Robot] [D]
Descent stops the lift at Level 1.

Descent has left.

Scrambler comes back into the turbolift and heads for level 1

You step out of the lift.

Con Tower -- Storage Level

The ground floor of the Decepticon tower differs in its construction from the rest of the base in a number of respects. This is easily explained when you consider that you are now at the very depths of the ocean, and in the part of the base that was originally constructed by the Decepticons crashed space cruiser. Little remains of that original craft now, butchered by the Decepticons to make way for storage facilities for their new base. This level is split between the storage areas, barracks and armoury, and the more sinister detention area where captives are imprisoned and questioned. The central hub often rings with the screams of less fortunate Autobots, but then, that is music to most Decepticon's ears.

Contents: Descent [Robot] [D]

Scrambler steps off the turbolift headed for the barracks.

Descent just looks around, letting the air continue to waver around her.

Scrambler grunts at Descent.

Descent looks at scrambler, "hello there."

[Autobot] Skyfire says, "No that femme is all mine..*singing continues* Helps to relieve my mind~Sexual Healing baby, is good for me~Sexual Healing is something that's good for me~Whenever blue tear drops are falling ~And my emotional stability is leaving me~There is something I can do o\"say ..'lo

Scrambler says, "..'lo"

Descent: Framed out in matte black, this mechanism cuts a neo-classical seeker image. With large wings fanning forth from her back trimmed in thin lines of cobalt blue, her angular form is further defined by the slight overlapping of her armoring which lends an artistic touch to an already svelte frame. Narrow, triangular optics peer ouf of a smoke'd grey visor, flickering a cobalt blue. Shoulder guards cover the upper portions of her arms, they themselves thin and angular. Nested into the armor on her forearms are twin laser rifles, a standard in seeker attire. With a waspishly thin waist, the illusion is furthered by the angular nose of her altform pinioned neatly in the center of her chest, no visible canopy apparent. Lightly etched into her coller are twin Decepticon emblems, a mark of distinction as well as alligance.

Descent cocks her head to one side, "So.. anyone else paint a sign on your aft?"

Scrambler twitches. ""

Descent shrugs, "Good. Hate to see a felow con get made the fool.. Isnt good for moral.." She stares off, "So.. whats down here?" Oddly, the floor seems to begin to bubble under her feat.

Scrambler shrugs. "*pause* the brig..." she looks down, rubbing at the back of one of her audials, sees the bubbling floor and blinks rapidly. "....uhm....."

Descent ohs, "In..teresting." she says flatly.. The floor continues to bubble, now seeming to buckle a bit.

Scrambler continues to blink. It's not a good day for her senses. "....uhm...."

Motormaster steps out of the Turbolift. Motormaster has arrived.
Motormaster enters the area.

Scrambler is staring at the floor under Descent's feet which appears to be buckling.

Descent peers at Scrambler, optics brightining, "Talkative..." she murmurs just as the floor starts to get a red hot glow, right beneath her feet, now bubbling with flickerflashes of small fires.

[Autobot] Pumpkin sings, "o/~ When the gone....and the land is dark...and the the only...light we'll I won' Iiiiiii won' aaafraid...just as you stand...stand by me....SO DARLIN', DARLIN' Stannnd...byyy me...whoooa me....just as you staand...stand by me...o/~"

Spectre arrives from the north. Spectre has arrived.
Spectre enters quietly, a slight dark pallor of death following
Spectre walks into the room, smirking to himself

Scrambler twitches again, harder this time. "......"

Motormaster glances at those gathered, then down at the floor. "I hope you don't plan to--" He cuts off as he sees Spectre enter. "Good lord, he actually let the whelp go."

Descent seems to be hovering slightly over a floor that is on fire, the metel at a rioling boil.

Spectre glances at Motormaster and smirks as an answer as he moves towards the lift

Descent peers at Spectre, looks at Motormaster, mouths to herself, 'let the whelp go' and ponders that. She then shrugs, "LEt him go? He isnt an Autobot is he?"

Motormaster's shock over Spectre is shot-lived, however, as he sees the floor beneath Descent. He raises an eyebrow at it, and says gruffly, "I suggest you turn down your foot-jets, seeker."

Motormaster says, "And he's not an Autobot, just a morbid freak with no respect for authority."

Scrambler shuts her optics.

Spectre taps the lift, waiting for it.

Descent ohs and looks down at the floor, "Oh..kayyyeee.... " The floor continues to boil. "Morbid Freak? Now.. *this* sounds interesting.." The flames flicker and start to head for the nearest wall.

Spectre frowns at it, "Blast, work!"

[Autobot] Pumpkin says, "Ohhhhh my Ladylove....I have a present for you...."

Motormaster chuckles and says jokingly, "Maybe you've been locked out, Spectre."

Scrambler groans. "...oh no..."

[Autobot] Pumpkin sings out again, "Oh dew drop on my morning roooooose.....where aaaare you? Don't you want your gift?"

Spectre says, "Oh yes."

Spectre glances at Scrambler, "My laser please."

Descent just watches the three, remaining quiet.......

Scrambler, optics shut, starts shaking her head. "...only if you shoot me with it..." she says, sounding more than half serious....try, ninety percent serious....

Spectre shakes his head and turns to the lift, "Damnation!:

Motormaster says, "Yes, why not give Spectre his laser. I'm sure he'd appreciate the gift."

Descent shrugs and gives her feet a shake, one foot at a time. Then she shrugs, "Sorry about the floor."

Motormaster sounds suspiciously like he has something up his sleeve.

Scrambler says, "...only if he shoots me with it..."

[Autobot] Air Raid says, "maybe she doesn't know where you are Pie?"

Descent blinks.. and moves a step or two back, just looking at Scrambler, "Erm..." The fires flicker and die down.

Spectre bahs, "I'll grab one at the armory"

Scrambler says, "...damn......"

[Autobot] Pumpkin says, "But the Fix-a-flat in my tire....she always knows where I am..."

Scrambler whimpers.

Motormaster smirks, getting a mental image. . o O (Spectre raises the laser, saying, "My darling automaton, I have a present for you.")

[Autobot] Pumpkin says, "For my love for like a hot dog in the street on a hot summer day...and she...she is like the hungry dog, looking for food...she can always find me.."

Scrambler's optics open but she's not seeing much of anything. "......."

Spectre bahs, "To hell with this." He proceeds to attempt to jury-rig the door to open

Spectre says, "There!" Spectre steps into the open shaft and floats downwards
Spectre calls the lift, patiently waits, then steps in
Spectre has left.

[Autobot] Pumpkin says, " love...the paperclip in my multi-paged report....alas...why are you not here yet?" Motormaster smirks as Spectre leaves. "If he mouths off to me one more time, I swear I'll crush him like the starving dog he is, scrounging for food in the street..."

[Autobot] Air Raid says, "he'll stop the lovey dovey shtick if you come here.."

Motormaster shrugs, and grumbles to himself. "Time for my report..." as he boots up his datapad again, leaning back on the turbolift shaft.

[Autobot] Fireflight says, "Hi guys. Pumpkin, is yur grilfriend on the com?"

Scrambler stands up, heading for the turbolift, murder in her optics.

Scrambler arrives in the Pacific Northwest.

A mixture of level plains and vast forested mountain chains compose much of the northwestern regions of the United States. Shrubby low-lying deserts alternate with forested and occasionally tundra -- or ice capped -- mountains. The most prominent of these are the Rocky Mountains, extending in full from Canada to New Mexico.

Another mountainous chain, known as the Cascade Range of Oregon and Washington is a lofty range with a complicated geological history, one which includes several alterations due to the nature of volcanic activity.

Pumpkin [Robot] [A]
Skyfire [Robot] [A]
Air Raid [Robot] [A]
Mount St Hillary

[Autobot] Pumpkin says, "Aye....the paper of my beginners origami set....she has arrived!!"

Fireflight flies up through the dormant volcano's crater into view.

Fireflight has arrived.

Fireflight walks into the area, not watching where he's going.

Fireflight says, "Hello... Who invited Starscream's sister?"

Pumpkin is standing next to Skyfire and Air Raid..

Scrambler says, " can shut up now...."

Air Raid is standing next to skyfire and pumpkin, when he hears his bro's comment, "heh..I screamer's gonna be pissed when he finds out someone used all his touch up paint"

Pumpkin turns, "The leaf gaurd to my rain gutter!!! You have arrived!!"

Air Raid falls over laughing, too bad she didn't bring a friend

Scrambler growls, sounding more like one of the Predacons than a Seeker.

Pumpkin throws his arms open, a forlorn look on his face, "No hug to welcome me with?"

Air Raid regains his stature, and nudges skyfire, whispering in his audial

Scrambler's optics narrow, it's pretty plain that the only hug she wants to give Pumpkin right now would be one around the neck. ""

You hear Air Raid mutter: "maybe...we...ask...bring...her"

Pumpkin would accept having Scrambler hugging his neck ;). He takes a step forward, "I have a gift for show my devotion..."

Fireflight says, "Pumpkin, I'm not sure your lady friend is in the mood... you might want to seranade her... (It always works for me...)"

Scrambler moves back. " thanks..."

Scrambler says, "...just...don..don't sing anymore..."

Pumpkin was just about to break into a song when his new femme said no. He frowns...

Fireflight bursts into song... "o/~ I don't care who you are, where you're from, what you did, as long as you love me... o/~"

Air Raid smirks, "give loverboy a kiss..and NO ONE..sings in your presense again"

Pumpkin throws his arms open again, with a smile...

Air Raid chucklies, just to see if scrambler will do it..that and..he wants to see pumpkin

Scrambler looks at Pumpkin. She really wants them to shut up but.... "......"

Skyfire laughs along with Air Raid, and he shakes his head. He looks over at Scrambler, "Not even for that..Sexual Healing..." He has no idea what that means, but it sounds kind of strange.

Pumpkin smiles, "If you don't kiss me...I'm going to kiss you..."

Air Raid looks over to pumpkin grinning, then returns his attention to scrambler..expecially with that new information"

Scrambler moves back. "...touch me an..."

Pumpkin bet's he'll get shot for this....He steps fore, taking Scrambler into his arms. He sweeps over downyard, classic movie fashion. And plants on...right on least his aim was right this time...

Air Raid howls, "he slaggin' did it!!"

Fireflight takes a photo.

*click* *whirrr*

Pumpkin will have Fireflight's head on a pole if Hot Rod gets a hold of that...

Air Raid flys over to his bro, "I want negatives"

Fireflight says, "Sure thing Air Raid."

Air Raid smirks, "good..I'm showing this one to Hot Rod..he'll love it..and the story behind it"

Pumpkin has seen enough Decepticon's striking terror into the hearts of weaker Autobots. He takes vengange, by holding Scrambler there.....

Scrambler finds herself suddenly moving, caught up in Pumpkin's arms and being bent back in a long dip. She has enough time for the thought "What the slag is he do...." before the kiss connects and all thoughts are completely gone. This is...this is...the analytical side of her neural net takes over, enjoying the chance to finally have something to do besides figure out ways to kill off family members and play Tribes on the DHQ main communications console without getting caught. She's seen kissing a thousand different times on human broadcasts of all sorts. There it looks to be an odd way of showing affection. Here it is...well...weird.....beyond weird...downright bizzare. Why on Cybertron would anybody think this is enjoy...uh-oh..."*MMMPHHHS*" She starts struggling to get loose.

ROLL: Pumpkin's random Endurance roll succeeds.

*SNAP* *SNAP* *SNAP* Fireflight takes more pictures.

Fireflight takes a gazillion pictures of the happy couple.

Fireflight says, "So Pumpkin, when's the wedding?"

Scrambler recognizes the word 'wedding.' She attempts to break the kiss.

ROLL: Scrambler's random Strength roll fails.

Air Raid nudges the other two fliers, "I bet the make a lot of little neutrals"

Fireflight says, "Man, I wish I'd brought a video camera... this is priceless!"

Scrambler feels panic beginning to start, especially since a tiny part of the very back of her neural net is beginning to think "Kidlets would be nice..."

Scrambler tries to get her head loose.

ROLL: Scrambler's random Strength roll fails.

Scrambler tries to scream *without* opening her mouth.

Pumpkin holds her there. He WILL leave a lasting mark on her....Internally he's about to vomit if he could....And to add emphasis...He might as well give Hot Rod somethign to really laugh at...he moves one hand down and grabs Scrambler's aft.....Hope no one here is under age..

ROLL: Scrambler's random Endurance roll succeeds.

Scrambler manages to keep her mouth shut, but does sucessfully scream.

Air Raid says, "quick! get a picture of that!""

*click* *whirrrr*

Fireflight says, "Got it!""

ROLL: Pumpkin's random Courage roll succeeds.

ROLL: Scrambler's random Courage roll succeeds.

Pumpkin somehow is brave enough to keep this knows..

Skyfire starts to break down into tears if he could as he continues to laugh. He shoots a look at Scrambler, "Now if only Darkstorm or Screech were this personal..Then again dad seems to slide into the femme catagory. He's just a bit cold for my tastes."

GAME: You transmit "*sounding close to tears herself* "L..let go? Please?"" to Pumpkin via

Scrambler quits fighting, giving up more than giving in.

Pumpkin undips and spins Scrambler away.....some how...he keeps a straight face...

Scrambler drops, wiping furiously at her mouth with the back of her hand. Without a word, she slinks off.

Pumpkin turns and buckles over, falling to his knees. "Skyfire...can we hurl??"

Fireflight grins and tucks the camera away...

Scrambler flies off, shaking.

How to Attract Female Transformers Instantly Oh, sure, you can annoy them into coming to you, like Pumpkin did, or you can follow the link to a sure-fire method that won't get you brought up on charges of fraternization.


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