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Hi! My name is Teddy Bear, I am a Shih Tzu, and this is my page. I hope you like it!

On Wednesday July 25, 2006 Teddy Bear went to the Rainbow Bridge. He left a huge hole in my heart but I know eventually we will be together again in Heaven.


the Shih Tzu originated in the land of Tibet.They were only owned by emperors, and other members of the royal family. They were the palace guard dogs

I'm very territorial about my yard(I don't care how cute that fee-fee the poodle looks today)those are MY trees over there!!!

My favorite things.....

1. Ice cream at my gammies(do you have a gammie?)
2.gilly gorilla
3.my kitty kat

4. chasing the neighbors kitty
5. uncle butchie(do you have an uncle butchie?)
6. napping with my pop-pop
7. eating my bisciuts from the bankie(thanx michelle,& carol!!)
8. anything I'm not supposed to have
9. driving my daddy's car(with him along, of course!)
10. the waterbed(toasty)

That's me in my daddy's car winning the Milkbone 400

I'm not really spoiled----my mommies very well trained.

If I'm really good(who isn't? you really, really didn't see me chase that cat, now did you?) santa paws comes at christmas with lots and lots of goodies.--I must really be GOOD because I always get lots of goodies.

I have my own club too. It's Teddybears shih tzu club. why don't you join today, and you'll become my friend. TEDDYBEAR'S SHIH TZU CLUB

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