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As you can see by the book titles on the logo, I offer courses locally and by mail in various metaphysical disciplines. You can click on any of the titles and go directly to the course description, or use the link farther down the page to go to a complete course listing. My expertise is in Western Initiatic Traditions, especially contemplative and meditative Kabbalah.

If you are interested in the principles the school is founded on and its purpose, click here,
click on our name in the logo above, or use the link called "School Purpose" below.

This site features various articles on different metaphysical subjects. Although the school focuses on kabbalah our courses and articles cover a broader perspective so that we may facilitate the quest of each seeker. Browse the link to the list of articles for lots of information on various subjects, especially Kabbalah.

Be sure to write to me with your comments at my e-mail address below. If you are interested in further information, please e-mail me with your request also.

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