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Help Peru
Our Mission
The mission of Save Talent Peru is to assist in developing the young Peruvian talents of the Andean communities and villages in areas such as art, technology and culture.
Save Talent Peru carries out this objective through the development and promotion of sustainable initiatives in order to increase the visibility of these communities and their highly original and valuable talents in the global arena. Help Peru
In addition to providing revenue creation for the villages Save Talent Peru will expose ancient and modern sustainable techniques which have application in the contemporary world. Help Peru

Discover Peru's rich cultural diversity by living and volunteering in Cusco, the ancient capital of the Incan Empire. Save Talent Peru is based in this historic city and is where majority of our volunteer projects Peru take place. Today, Peru is the archeological capital of the Americas, and visitors from all around the world come to visit this amazing country. Some popular attractions are the archeological wonders of Machu Picchu (the Lost City of the Incas, forgotten for over 300 years), the rainforests of Manu and the Amazon, the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Colca Canyon, beaches and more.
Whether you are a professional or student, you can share your knowledge, skills and time whilst volunteering. Joining in on our volunteer program will give you the following advantages:


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