Name:                     Johnna

Age:                              Sixteen

Grade:                    Eleventh Grade

Location:                     Michigan, USA

Birthday:                January 25, 1990

Religion:                    Christianity

Height:                         5'6"

Weight:                   You'd like to know.

Relationship:                Taken

Favorite color:        Purple, blue, and brown.

Least fav. color:            Yellow and hot pink.

Favorite food:        Mexican!

Least fav. food:            Sea food

Career Plans:         -See background-

Fav. Subject:                Science and/or Anatomy.

Least Fav. Sub:      Math! BLEGH!

Fav. Movies:                High School Musical, Constantine.

Fav. TV Shows:       House, Dead Like Me, Medium, Grey's
                                 Anatomy, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis.

Favorite Animal:            Dogs! Especially big ones. Cats come in
                                        close second, though.
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