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I have searched around the galaxy to find these links. Yes, we hillbillies know what a galaxy is. It was one of the best cars ever made. Anyway, I'll try to list these links by area travel websites, entertainent, etc..
For tourism information and history about Cumberland Gap and surrounding areas, please visit these sites:

Cumberland Gap National Historical Park
- This park covers parts of three states. Hensley settlement and the Pinnicle are "must see" spots here. Miles and miles of hiking trails.

Wilderness Road Tours- If you would like to take a guided tour of most of the sights in the area, these are to people to contact.

The Lost Squadron/P-38 Lightning restoration project- During WWII  a squadron of planes had to make an emergency landing on the Greenland Icecap. Over time the planed became entombed 200 ft. below the surface of the ice. In 1992 a Middlesboro businessman recovered one of the planes, a feat you may have read about in Readers Digest.  This site has a section for teachers to use in the classroom.


Cumberland Gap Tourism
- Chamber of Commerce site

The Sulfridge Family News and Views
- Newspaper items taken from a
turn of the century area newspaper. I love reading this kind of stuff.

Cumberland Falls State Park
- It isn't Niagra, but it's still awsome. The only moonbow on this side of the planet.

John Rice Irwin's Museum of Appalachia
- This is one of my favorite places on earth. If you really want to know about mountain life in the past two centuries, and look into the personalities that made these mountains home, you should make every effort to visit this museum. A visit during homecoming is a must.

http://www.angelfire.com/tn/jro99/index.html-On this site you can learn alot, and I do mean ALOT about the history of the coal mining industry in the area, including stories of several mine disasters. There are many historic photos and links. An A+ site!

The Tragedy of Wallins Creek- A long time ago we had some mean and nasty natives in these parts. Read this incredible story of one woman's terror of watching her family brutally murdered and then being abducted herself.

Parker Homepage- Poems, information on Lee County, Virginia, humor, and a neat picture where it snows while you watch! This is a neat site.

Shawn and Curt's Trail ZZone- The exciting and quite often hilarious adventures of two men who have hiked trails all over this region.

Scenic Overlook (Photos from the open road)- Some great photos here from several states.

Lincoln Memorial University- Home of the Lincoln Museum
Three sites to help you find your way around Knoxville, Tn are:


You can find some information on Norris Lake by visiting these sites:
Norris Lake

Norris Dam State Park
Kingsport, Tn is also a great place to visit. Bays Mountain and the week long Fun Fest are "must see" items on your trip. Here are some helpful links.
Kingsport Tn Homepage

The Kingport Times- News
- The online version of the newspaper.
For some good laughs  you should visit these sites:
The Johnboy and Billy Big Show Online- These guys have the funniest show on radio. If you don't have the Big Show in your area, you can listen to them online. Be sure to click on "bits and stuff" when you are there.

The Top Ten List Archive- Get almost all David Letterman's past top ten lists.

Lifesavers Candystand Arcade- Great games and great graghics for the kids. Okay I'll have to admit, I spend more time here than the kids even. I can't help myself, the games are that good.

Hillbilly Hankerin's- If you love all things hillbilly then this is a site for you. An A+ site

The Official Sea Monkey site- Yes, we actually have Sea Monkeys in our home. and we love them! So much easier to care for than fish.
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