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Passing The Days in    Cumberland Gap
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last updated December26, 2001
  Cumberland Gap, TN is a little town that is the central meeting point of Claiborne County,Tennessee, Lee County, Virginia, and Bell County Kentucky. It sits below the gap that hundreds of thousands of settlers traveled across on their way to lands out west. Native Americans had used the gap for many years for travel to buffalo hunting grounds. In 1750 Dr. Thomas Walker led an expedition through Cumberland Gap to explore the area for the Loyal Land Company of Virginia which had acquired a land grant of 800,000 acres. 17 years later Daniel Boone and several axemen cleared what became known as Wilderness Road across the gap into Kentucky.
   During the Civil War the North and South each gained control of the gap several times only to give it up in the end due to difficulties in supplying and defending it. Anyone interested in the civil war history of Cumberland Gap need only to type "Cumberland Gap" on any search engine to find page after page of history.
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  My name is Mike Sexton. I live near Cumberland Gap in an area called Gibson Station in Virginia. I work at the Cumberland Gap Tunnel located in the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park. For those of you thinking about traveling to the area I have a page called "Jackhammer's Links " that has information and links to sights and things to do. Some of my other pages are:
Area Sights - A few photos of local sights (I'm still working on this)
Triple R Farms - This is my sister's website dedicated to her family's goat farm.
I recently began tracing my family tree. I have added a page of genealogy links and a "not so quite finished" Sextons of Lee Co. VA online family tree for anyone who may be interested in tracing theirs.
You can e-mail me at jackhammer1968@hotmail.com
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