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A WebSite dedicated to the Veterans of the United States of America.  From here, you can get to any of the major Veterans organizations in the U.S., especially the Jewish War Veterans.



JWV Post#246

JWV Post#373
JWV Post#409
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JWV Post#505
JWV Post#997
JWV Gulf Coast North District

JWV National

Florida Dept. Veterans Affairs

American Legion

Korean War Veterans

Veterans of Foreign Wars

Vietnam Veterans of American

Designing and building websites for Veterans, and other service organizations, to promote open communication and the free exchange of ideas and information.

National Museum of American Jewish Military History

A starting point for Veterans WebRings.

The Retired Officers Assoc.

The Retired Enlisted Assoc.
Veterans Post

My favorite links to other Veterans Organizations.  A family of interconnected Veterans Organizations throughout the United States of America.

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