The letter below was found by my husband and I, when we visited in New Pinecreek, OR a few years ago. It was in the possession of Ruby Hammersley, who is one of the "Town Historians". It has been an important piece of information in tieing our early Moore families together, with the ones in VA and states around Virginia and West Virginia.
Waterloo, Mo.
August 15th
Grandasson B. Moore
Coalsmouth Post Office
Kanhawa County Va.
August the 12th 1846
Dear Cousin   I recieve your letter on the 26 of July which give me mutch sadsfaction to hear that you got home safe and fond your frends all well for we had lisened with grat ansiety to hear from you     I have nothing mutch to write to you but we have had som sickness in our famley sens you wor her      Thar is rite smarte sickness her at this time      i was at Mr. Vinsens and vans sed you war thar and tha wor all well     i do not no whether i can give you currect in formation or not a bout Cousin Pheby    the man she maried was by the name of Bankes    I hav heard he was ded and i dont dout hit    she was livin at her Cosin Eligah Brow when she maried and still remaind in that County      i no of no post office near than Camelsville in Green Co Ky     I think that if you will direct your letter Green Co.Ky Camelsvill Post office     Brother John lives in that sam co. the last a Cont (account?)  i had of him   my Fouther is living in marin (Marion) Co. Ky thou we dy rect our letters to Boil. Co. Ky    Perryvill Post office     the last a cont I hav tha was all wel    father had had a very hard spel of sickness but had gotin over hit    Brother Eli is ded and sister Poly also and Sister Margets husban.  Tel your Father if that I hope he will com to this contry and if he dos tell him not to pas me    I wold like to see him (Matthew) and Cousin Nancy both very mutch in ded    Give them my best wishes and hope when thes lines com to hand that thay ma find you in better helth and the famly like wise    Give cousin Olive and his famly my best respect and tel him tho it is ben a many a long days of ups and dons since i saw him i havenot forgot him and hope by som chance or other we see each other a gain and so conclude remaning your frend un tel Deth                Pleasant Moor

This is a message from the Moore List, which updates what we know about this letter.

Dear Moores,

For those of you who are new to the list, I am again attaching the 1846 letter, and will tell you a little about it. Joyce and Bill Cooper of California went to the little town of New Pine Creek, Ore., on the California border, looking for clues as to his great grandmother, Matilda Moore Vincent. An elderly lady in the town had this letter in a shoebox. Matilda is my great aunt. For me, this letter was a breakthrough, after 25 years of searching for our Oliv Moore's relatives with no luck. In it, Pleasant Moore talks about cousin Phebe who married a man named Banks, livinged in Green county, Kentucky. Last March, my 3rd cousin, Jerry Moore of WV happened to see a query on Genforum from one George Moore in Scarborough, England about a Phebe Moore of Green county, Kentucky. The rest is history. On a leather animal hide which George says was in his grandfather's trunk, are written family names, dates, etc. Although the information is very sketchy, we believe that it was either our Oliv Moore, or some of his relatives who wrote on the hide, then shipped it back to England upon the wish of one John Moore when he died. There is a lot of digging to be done, but we think the four cousin's parents were: Pleasant - son of Oliv Moore who may have md. Salley Gregory in Virginia, and moved to Kentucky to be near children when they were old.

Grandison - son of Mathew Moore who settled in Kanawha county, WV a few miles from where Oliv settled.

Phoebe - daughter of John Moore who raised his family in Pocahontus county, WV and is said to have been from Pennsylvania.

Oliv - son of ________Moore. Lots of speculation on Oliv's parentage, but no documentation, as yet.

One letter George scanned for us was written by a minister in England, for a member of his congregation, Francis Moore, and in it she mentions John in America being married in the church, and Ollie also being married. She says "old Francis misses her sons" and talks about their grandmother looking for them to come back from American every day. Possibly, they came with the Quaker movement to PA, but we aren't sure.

Well, hope this is helpful and informative to you who are new.

Annie in snowy cold Idaho

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