Note from site owner
While building this page,I have been doing a number of things reguarding my dads years in the service. One of them being this web site, along with organizing and documenting all of his WW II memorabilia. And last but not least his X-mas present. Since I am presenting this site on his birthday 12/09, I can't say what I'm doing for his Christmas gift. Since dad had never been or heard about any reunions of the 9th P.R.S. I told him I would look into it for him. I was in the process of mailing two letters to two different Vet organizations reguarding reunions, when I opened up the Local section of the Dayton Daily News and there on the front page was"Once more,9th Photo Reconnaissance Squadron." Needless to say I couldn't believe what I saw. So I picked up the phone and called my dad and brother, took the day off from work and off we went.

Reunion Photos
Dad with Plaque
W.Tucker and D.Mason
Reunion Group Photo
Right  Side
Left Side
The Plaque
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