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Welcome to my home page. The idea of this site is to tell you a little about Taiwan (also known as Formosa, which means "beautiful" in Portuguese). Following the return of Hong Kong and Macau in 1997 and 1999 respectively, this island province of China is the only part of the country which is not under the control of the central government in Beijing.

The content of this site is meant to present an alternative to the usual western media efforts to drum up public opinion in favor of "independence" for Taiwan (i.e. separation from China and dependence on U.S./Japanese imperialism.) However, the unification/independence issue is not the only dimension in Taiwan politics. Therefore, you will find links here to resources which, although independence-oriented, are progressive in other ways, such as the Green Party. There are also some other things with which I disagree, but which will help the reader to know Taiwan, China, Asia and the world better.

At the moment, I am presenting here mostly material borrowed from other places. I intend to add some more original stuff as time goes on.

This site is mostly in English, but the pages about the Labor Party have English, Chinese, French and Russian versions. Those wanting to see more Chinese-language resources, please follow the Chinese links.

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