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Guard house at Epworth Heights entrance
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Administration Building, Epworth Heights
Epworth Administration Building

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Epworth Heights
Image courtesy of TerraServer.

In 1894, the Epworth League Training Assembly acquired land on the Lake Michigan beachfront in Ludington, Michigan for "scientific, intellectual, and religious studies" and immediately constructed a frame hotel. Epworth Heights was originally affiliated with the Methodist Church. Now Epworth Heights is a summer colony, boasting "215 cottages, 250 acres, seven tennis courts, a nine-hole golf course, and a peak summer population of about 2,000."
Part of the original Epworth Grand Hotel is now a museum.

Photo Gallery
Epworth Heights

Epworth Hotel in 1934
Epworth Hotel, 1934
Epworth Hotel in September 1931
Epworth Hotel, Sep 1931
Epworth Hotel as it appears today
Epworth Hotel, Modern
Epworth North Beach in 1915
Epworth North Beach, 1915
Epworth North Beach in 1915
Epworth North Beach, 1915
Epworth Pavilion in 1915
Epworth Pavilion, 1915
Lincoln River in Epworth
Lincoln River, Epworth
Lincoln River in Epworth
Lincoln River, Epworth
Lagoon in Epworth
Epworth Lagoon
Epworth Beach in 1905
Epworth Beach, 1905
Epworth Beach in 1931
Epworth Beach, 1931
Epworth Beach Hotel, July 5th, 1974
Epworth Beach, July 1974
Dummy Train in Epworth, 1912
Dummy Train, 1908
Epworth Beach Houses
Beach Houses, Epworth
Epworth Hill
Epworth Hill

What is a dummy train?

In the early postcard photo above, a "dummy" locomotive loads passengers at Epworth. The train, known as the "Dummy Train", ran between Lincoln Lake at Epworth and Ludington during the tourist season. Dummy trains were so named because of their small size, frequent stops, and short routes to a terminating destination, from whence they would then return to the starting point.

In early railroading, a dummy train was one on which the locomotive’s steam exhaust was muffled to reduce noise, and was designed to run forward and backward.

Dummy locomotives were a combination locomotive and passenger car housed in a body designed to disguise the steaming beast from skittish horses. The horses were rarely fooled, and the trains limited capacity, slow speed, and habit of jumping off the track hindered the growth of passenger traffic.

To this day, the small bridge crossing the Lincoln River at the boundary of Epworth Heights is still known by everyone as the 'dummy bridge'. The tracks of the dummy line were removed in the mid '80s.

Dummy Train
Historic photo of the dummy train as it steams toward Epworth Heights

This page is referenced by GeoVisual Business in a detailed timeline of Michigan and Mason County history.

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