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Mason County Airport
Carferries of Ludington
Train Depot
Epworth Heights
Dow Chemical
Pumped Storage Project
Sargent Sand Company
State Park Dam
State Park Outlet
Big Point Sauble Lighthouse
Partridge Pointe
Laman's Landing
Sauble Resort
Barnhart's Resort
Tamarac Community

Hamlin Lake
Jebavy Bridge
Lincoln Bridge
Victory Park

Ludington High School
Oriole Field
Nordhouse Elementary

Bass Lake


Visible only by satellite

Impact Crater
Peace Symbol
Terrestrial Navigation

My Neighborhood
"...and I walked 'em, every mile..."
My House
Impact Crater
My Mile of Jebavy
Hamlin Township Hall
Hamlin Township Fire Department
Hamlin Grocery

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Hamlin Township - Ludington - Mason County, Michigan
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A View From Above
Satellite Images of Mason County

Hamlin Township, Winter & Spring 2005

Being the webmaster for this amazing site has kept me busy for five years. I've watched my site grow into the highest rated website in Mason County. Along the way, my site has served over 200,000 impressions to people from within the community and around the world. Creating a truly unique website has been both challenging and rewarding, and it all started with a good idea.

So what is my big website idea? Satellite images! I've aimed the satellites of the world on my hometown of Ludington, examining the layout of our community as it appears from 250 miles above. What can be seen from so far away? You may be surprised! The images I've collected of Hamlin Township, Ludington and Mason County were all captured by high-resolution satellite cameras which can show detail in objects less than one meter square. My site shares with you some of the best 'spy' photos I've gathered of our community.

Are you stuck with a slow dial-up connection? No problem. I've edited each image to its smallest file size, which allows these satellite images and aerial photos to download quickly, even over a dial-up connection. There is a navigation menu on the left side of each page so you'll never get lost! Your visit here will be a breeze! Like a breeze from Lake Michigan. Which you're also gonna see...

Surf's up! Grab your mouse and find your house!

To learn more about Ludington, visit my My index page, which pays particular attention to Ludington and Hamlin Township.

Spring's Featured Image
Big Sauble Lighthouse
At Ludington State Park
My Hamlin Lake page has become the most popular page on my site. My site statistics page tracks hundreds of visitors each month from current and former Ludington residents, visitors from around the country, and even international visitors. I get several e-mails each week from people who wish to share their experiences and memories on Hamlin Lake and in Ludington. Earl Wolf, exhibit designer for the Michigan DNR, has asked to use the color image on the Hamlin Lake page for a graphic display kiosk at the Ludington State Park. I have also received permission from a talented Ludington photographer, Peggy Sue Swiecki, to use her aerial photos of Hamlin Lake. Thanks to everybody for visiting, supporting, and providing information to make this page a helpful and fun resource for so many visitors.

If you don't get it... If you don't get it, you don't get it. don't get it.
January 17th, 2002 this site was featured on the LangaList!
Special thanks to Fred Langa for the support!

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