Hello.  My pen name is imLittleLily.  I would like to thank you for visiting
my newest  little addition here on the internet.
 I am in the process of creating this portal for the express purpose of giving
 access to my Harry/Draco fanfic.

As this site grows I would like to be able to add photos, art work and my own
interpretations of our favorite J. K. Rowling characters. 
Disclaimer:  I would like to express up front that I do not own,
nor have I ever made any money from the characters that the literary genius,
J. K. Rowling has graciously created. This is stated here once for the whole site.

My current story; Beauty in Perfection; Stand By Me, was a muddle of ideas that
bounced around in my head, like our dearest ferret, for almost a year.  I finally began
the task with just two words . . . Harry purred.

For those of you who have already started reading Beauty in Perfection,
you know that at the time of this upload those two words have
grown into an excess of more than 80,000 words.  Who knew?

For those of you who have found this site while wandering freely along the
information super highway, you should know that the story contained within
 these pages contains SLASH.  If you are unfamiliar with that term be Warned
It means guy/guy sexual situations.  

It is Rated R/M.

If this is not your cup of tea please feel free to use the back button now.

Clicking on the cat tells me that you have reached the age of majority were you reside and may enter.


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