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Illusion Professional Handling Services

Hello, my name is Lynn Knapp and I reside in Eastern Washington state where we raise & show Miniature Pinschers & Italian Greyhounds.

I started handling about 13 years ago, I am mostly experienced in the Toy group, but have several years experience in the Hound & Terrier groups along with some in the Non-Sporting and Herding groups.

I do this because I truly love showing dogs, it's a passion to me. I love dogs and I love traveling, how great is that?

When your dog is in my care, it becomes one of my pack and is treated accordingly. I have had animals all my life, was raised on a ranch, and currently have a multitude of horses. I am very experienced in animal husbandry so your dog wont be subjected to vast trips to the vet for no reasons. I beleive dogs should be dogs and feel they require lots of exercise and personal time.

If you are interested in sending your dog with me and would like references, I am more then happy to supply you with many names of current & past clients.


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