We are very proud that we have some very talented poets on our MSers Online mailing list! We appreciate their kindness in sharing their talent with us! Here are a few poems written by them.

Please have a seat in our garden, relax, have your favorite beverage and enjoy reading our poems!

The first poem was written by a fellow MSer who has a book that has just been published. Please visit his web site!

Dreams of an MS Patient

The dream I think we all have is for a cure.
To know that the disease that is inside will not do more damage.

My dreams are much less then a cure but still important.
A dream to continue to fight this disease.
A dream to win the fight in whatever way possible.
A dream to never quit.
MS with it’s plaques that have the ability to cause disability.
The myelin that our nerves need for protection.
The disability that it can all cause.
With all of this it does not mean I can’t dream of a future.
A dream of no disability.
A dream of no plaques.
A dream of a healthy spinal cord and brain.
A dream of just being healthy.
To dream is to live.
To live and fight is the only way to overcome this disease.
There may not be a cure today but the are many dreams.
Let the dreams guide us all.
I believe dreams are a look at what is possible.
Dreams give us hope.
Dreams can give strength of what may be possible.
To not dream would be a great loss.
As I think about the dreams I have for a future,
My ultimate dream is to not let MS change my dreams!
Let me dream of a better life, help me conquer this disease.
Let all MS patients who dream of a future know that, they are ALL possible.

Written By: David L. Leonardo

Please visit David's web site for more poetry and information on how to obtain his new book!

Poems by Luis Mendes

I Love You For What You Are

I love you for what you are
Since we're in the same boat
We don't have to pretend
We don't have to feel sorry
All we have to have is a bit
of Compassion, love, understanding
And above all Patience with each other.
Then and only then we'll realize
How much I need you!
How much you miss me!
How weak we are
How much we can care for each other
Your pain's my pain!
Your triumphs are mine!
The tear in your eye
Wets my cheek
The smile in your lips
Is like honey in my mouth
Perhaps if holding hands
The load will be lighter
the road less steep
And the Sun for all will shine!

Written By Luis M.


Empty, devoid, nothingness, fatigued
Why so many names for something we can't explain?
Is it I want you to understand me?
Is it you can't understand me?

When I kept up and barely can shuffle
barely can pick up my cup of coffee
barely can read today's newspapers
barely can understand the news blaring in the radio
barely can wash my face
barely can feel the hot water
barely can talk to my wife

Then and only then is that I feel very tired empty, devoid, fatigued!
How can I explain that to you?
Would you understand?
Would you label me?

As you can see, it's hard, almost impossible!
That's why I am happy with my group of friends!
I don't have to make any excuses!

LMM Mser 1992 (c)

How I Like To Be Called

Quite easy and at the same time very complicated. All I can say is what I think is agreeable to my ears and fair to my judgement.

I like to be called person.
I like to be called Human Being.
I like to be called by my name.
I like to be called a friend.
I like to be called the person in the wheelchair.
I like to be called a man.
I like to be called a veteran.
I like to be called a teacher.
I like to be called a father.
I like to be called a neighbor.
I like to be called a cyber-friend.

Don't call me CONFINED TO A WHEELCHAIR because it isn't true!
Don't tell me "how sorry you are..." because those are hollow words.
Don't do like those "plastic, civil, legally correct and ...tacky",individuals going from one extreme to the next from showing pity to showing contempt for us and whatever we represent.
Don't feel so distraught as to join those peripathetic Kevorkianish individuals devising ways for a "final, honorable solution, to all our despair, pain and absolute disability".
You can call me gimp if so you wish, I have paid my "Lifetime membership" to the Gimp Club.

Call me anything you want but don't think I will remain silent and allow you get away with it be sure, feathers will be ruffled in the process!

Much love, Peace and keep smiling remember, sometimes, a smile's the best answer.


Oh, I forgot PLEASE, PLEASE don't you dare call me late for dinner!

Why don't you consider joining the "Smiles Club"? Admission is free!

Luis M. MSer June 2000 (c)

A Poem written by Kim's Kester's son, Jeremy

The Wingless Birds

A silence falls gently on sordid plain,
Cradling the tears torn from a steady pain,
To fear my death only not to see my,
But to see another's wings torn from sky.

To see a bird from flight broken from life,
While tears soak its body whispers flee from strife,
To seek the sordid plain finding empty,
Which love cannot fill this void even plea.

Peace, why silence of death do to us sent?
To safety must have the knife never went?
Dear Lord, why do you let our loved one's die?
To deny us to see birds fly them high?

A quiet feather floating down for me,
Showing that which I cannot bring to see,
A lonely bird flying so very low,
Burdened with tears of its love never know.

A tear falls gently from my blinded eyes,
I want not to see this pain torch the skies,
Yet a light burns out from another dark,
And another cannot hear sing the lark.

Fall asleep oh the gentle wingless bird,
On silent sordid plains none never heard,
Of a bird left wingless beaten and torn,
Why left to us to sort out nothing mourn?

Unknown Authors

I Shall Not Pass This Way Again

Through this toilsome world alas!
Once and only once I pass;
If a kindness I may show,
If a good deed I may do
To a suffering fellow man,
Let me do it while I can.
No delay, for it is plain
I shall not pass this way again.


Little Things

Little stones make big mountains,
Little steps can cover miles,
Little acts of loving-kindness
Give the world it's biggest smiles…

Little words can soothe big troubles
Little hugs can dry big tears,
Little candles light the darkness,
Little memories last for years…

Little dreams can lead to greatness,
Little victories to success~
It's the little things in life
That brings the greatest happiness…

When I think about all the little things,
Warm thoughts of you always come to mind
All the joy that friendship brings,
Always and forever sharing it online…

Thanks For The Little Things

Author Unknown


Eileen Holland

Don't pity me for my problems,
Admire me for how well I cope with them.
If you notice the weakness of my body,
Also notice the strength of my spirit.
Don't feel sad about my struggle,
Respect me because I never stop trying.
If you note how clumsy I am,
Also note my grace under pressure.
If you count the things I can no longer do,
Don't forget to add the things I've learned.
Make me laugh
Instead of crying for me.
See what MS has given me,
Not what it has taken away.
Don't feel sorry about what I have lost,
Help me count my blessings.

Eileen Holland's Site - MS - This is my story.

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