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The Osmond family's new movie, "Inside The Osmonds" was made in January, 2001. All of the Osmonds sang this song together at the end of the movie! It was very heartwarming to see them all together again! Of course, their parents were also with them. The movie was made in January 2001 and it is the true story of the Osmond Family.

We have all heard of a few famous people who have MS. Many of them being great actors, actresses, singers and dancers.

Alan Osmond of the "Osmond Brothers" (one of Donny and Marie's older brothers) whom we also grew up with has been diagnosed with MS. He has NOT let MS ruin his life! As 1 of his sayings goes, "There is Life... Even with Multiple Sclerosis!". Another one is: "I have MS... but MS doesn't have me!" I admire him for all of his tremendous strength and courage!

The most famous actress that we all know is the beautiful and talented Annette Funicello. Many of us grew up watching her on "The Mickey Mouse Club" and her beach movies with Frankie Avalon on tv.

You may have seen the Annette Funicello movie, "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes". It is a bio of her life.

Of course we all know that Montel Williams has announced that he was diagnosed with MS a few yrs. ago. Richard Pryor is also another famous actor/comedian whom we all know, is now in the progressive stages of MS.

Others listed on thes 2 pages, you may or may not know. There are also family members of famous people who have MS.

Please look through the list and visit their web sites.

Alan & Suzanne Osmond

Meet Alan R. Osmond!

Alan Osmond - Talking With Alan Osmond: "There Is Life... Even With Multiple Sclerosis"

Osmond's spirit challenges Multiple Sclerosis Published Oct. 9, 2000 in USA Today

"Endure to The End TM" is the adopted family motto for Alan and Suzanne Osmond and their eight sons, better known by their stage name, The Osmonds - 2nd Generation.

Meet Alan's 8 boys! Their music group, "Osmonds Second Generation!

Order some top quality, good tasting natural foods and kitchen products from Alan's Lazy River Farms!

Visit the Osmond's web site! "The Osmond Network"

Meet the whole family!

Order their new 3 CD boxed set named "All Time Greatest Hits of the Osmond Family" from their new movie, "Inside The Osmonds"!

Chat at The Osmond Brothers Forum!

ABC has set up a message board on the Osmonds regarding the movie and we encourage you to log in and express your opinion about the movie to ABC.

Leave a message on the message board!

Annette Funicello

Annette Funicello - Singer, Dancer, Former Mouseketeer

Annette Funicello Home Page

The Annette Funicello Fund For Neurological Disorders

Montel Williams

Montel Williams - Talk Show Host/Actor

Williams plans to prosper in spite of MS - USA Today

Montel's MS Story - See Video Segments

Montel Williams's Books

"Mountain, Get Out Of My Way"

"Life Lessons And Reflections"

Article in USA Today/People - Montel

The Montel Williams Show

David "Squiggy" Lander - Then

David Lander - Now

David "Squiggy" Lander - actor in the TV show "Laverne & Shirley"

Read or listen to an Interview With David Lander

Read another interview with David Lander that was on Good Morning America

Article with David Lander on CNN and other MS articles

Video: Squiggy's Secret: David Lander's Silent Struggle with MS

David Lander's Book - Fall Down Laughing

Richard Pryor - Comedian/Actor - December 1, 1940 - December 10, 2005.

Richard Pryor Official Website

Donna Fargo

Donna Fargo - Country and Western Singer - The Official Donna Fargo International Fan Club

Clay Walker - Country And Western Singer

Clay Walker Battles With MS

Clay Walker Official Website

Band Against MS Foundation

Louise Mandrell - Country And Western Singer

Louise Mandrell - Country Music Singer - Theatre Actress - Louise Mandrell Theatre

Michael Crichton

Michael Crichton - Writer, Author, Screen Writer, Director and Producer of ER. Creator, Executive Producer of: Jurassic Park - Novel - movie, Jurassic Park - The Lost World - novel - movie, Jurassic Park 3. Twister - Screen Writer, Congo - movie, Rising Sun - movie, The Andromeda Strain - novel, movie, many more credits. In the process of writing yet another novel - may be entitled 2001.

NOTE: It is NOT a known fact that he has MS. He had a bout that seemed like MS but it has not been confirmed or diagnosed as MS.
Official Site of Michael Crichton

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