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Thank You John for this wonderful award!

Please check out the Multiple Sclerosis Links section on his site!

I received this award from a very kind lady named "CountryFire".

Thank You CountryFire for this beautiful award!

I received this award from a wonderful friend named "WindRider".

Awesome Achievement Award

Presented to MSers Online in special recognition of
their outstanding sense of
Warmth, Caring, Love and Friendship.

Mary Anne Matthewson
Medical Consultant
Medical Consultants Inc.
Prince Edward Island

Thank You to Mary Anne for giving us such an "Awesome" Award!

I received these awards from friends who have visited our MSers Online website. The following awards were picked up from the "Random Acts of Kindness Group" website.

If you know someone who deserves one of these beautiful awards,
go to the Random Acts of Kindness website and send them an award!

This Random Acts of Kindness award comes from a long time friend who has dealt with MS for 30 yrs., Trey Moran of Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada.

This one is from Bruce Sterling of St. Peter, Barbados.

This award is from The Disability Network.

 Disability Network Inc.

Thank You! I am very proud to display this award!

This award is from HealingWell. - Community, Information, Resources on Diseases, Disorders and Chronic Illness

Thank You Peter! It is a great honor to receive this award!

I am proud to have received this award. MSers Online is 1 of the World's Top MS Sites! Please click on 1 of the banners for Top MS Sites on our Intro page and vote for us! Help move us to the top! We CAN make it to #1!

Thank you Bill and Alicia!

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