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It's A Dog's Life
Featuring Too Tall Jones
Hi! I'm Too Tall Jones, but you can call me Jonesy.
   Welcome to my home on the web.
Fond Memories
Jonesy ruled the roost around here. He was the official "Greeter of Guests" and everyone was his friend.
He would do just about anything for a handout. He answered to nicknames like Jones, the Old Man and Bud. Also known as Jealous Gus, he sometimes competed for attention with several amphibians...
a firebelly toad, two leopard frogs and two firebelly newts.
This Golden Retriever we called Jonesy
had the uncanny ability to appear anytime a bread wrapper made the slightest sound.
Happy Tails Dog Bytes

     Jonesy liked to go anywhere with you. He loved carrying his leash. Long naps and riding in the car were favorite pastimes. He delighted in carrying toys outside, leaving them, and having to go back to retrieve them. He never liked being left alone. Those pesky fleas, going to the vet and getting his ears cleaned were not his favorite things.
I've gone to look for myself.
If I should return before I get back, keep me here!
Love, Jonesy
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