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Hi Folks,

A quick introduction to the low-life running this site. I'm too old to do it but young enough to remember ..... well, almost.
Anyway my first bike at the tender age of 18 was a Mark 2 Ariel Square Four. Great untill the back pots stopped potting. Next came a Triumph Bonneville. Shortly afterwards I saw an ad for a Harley WLA 42 at a ridiculous price ( although in those days, WLAs etc were hard to give away ... at least here Down Under ) and the Jap Rice Burners were only just appearing. Anyway, bought the WLA 42, fell in love, sold the Trumpet and it's been Harleys since. Currently a Shovelhead. Old age I guess, but can't come at belt-drive Harleys. Had enough trouble coming to terms with electric starts. So; me in a nut-shell. Oh yeah, one last thing.If you're a Penticostal Born Again Christian PISS OFF and be reborn somewhere else. I realise I shouldn't stereotype all by the actions of one, but I was married to one. She deserved an Oscar for lying, scheming, two-timing and hypocrisy whilst Bible bashing me. Unfortunately it left a fucking bad taste.

Me on my original ( more or less ) WLA 42.
Sorry about picture quality. Damn old photo.

OK ....... guess who or what is older and wiser ???

Me again.Shit ..... how time flies
but ain't changed much....OK I lied !

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