Record Setters
Red Wing Records for the 2003-2004 Season

-October 22, 2003: Brett Hull gets career goal #717, tied for 4th place among all time scorers
-October 24, 2003: Team sets new home win streak at 15 games (combined with 2002-2003 season), breaking record set at 14 in 1964-65 season
-October 24, 2003: Dominik Hasek records career shut out #62, behind only Ed Belfour in active goaltenders
-November 4, 2003: Curtis Joseph records career shut out #42
-November 10, 2003: Dominik Hasek records career shut out #63, his second of the season
-November 26, 2003: Kris Draper scores season goals 8 and 9, putting him on the best start of his career
-November 26, 2003: Brett Hull scores career goal #726, putting him only 5 goals behind Marcel Dionne (731) for third place among all time scorers [2: Gordie Howe (801), 1: Wayne Gretsky (894)]
-December 15, 2003: Pavel Datsyuk named Player of the Week by the NHL
-January 9, 2004: Nicklas Lidstrom named to All-Star Team for the 6th time in his career, Dave Lewis to coach for the Western Conference
-January 24, 2004: Pavel Dastyuk named to All-Star Team
-January 29, 2004: Joe Louis Arena celebrates 20 million fans in the arena over 25 seasons
-April 1st, 2004: Red Wings clinch President's Trophy

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