Welcome to Night Vision originated in the Fall of the year 2002. Night Vision is a catharsis based anti-stalking website featuring many works, many in rough draft form, by the poet Lady Lost. Please enjoy this website yet keep in mind that this is a processing website and it is most wise to read only a few works per day to avoid over-exposure to catharsis based works. Pleased be advised that this website is being visited by an individual, the alleged perpetrator, who is not invited to view these works. Additionally, this uninvited individual is placing many content repetitive unsolicited messages in all guestbooks associated with Night Vision. It is most advisable to attempt to ignore this maltreatment of these websites by this individual. Occasional works of variant subject matter have been inserted into areas within this website as well. This website is currently under construction and works are being reviewed and edited. Many of these works and the exercise of their creation has aided in the process of improved manuscripts of related works, which will become available at a later publication date. Enjoy your visit to Night Vision!

A Plea from the Author:
Hello Everyone,
I am very sorry that my poetry readings haven't appeared on Stalkaramma yet. I have postponed the readings because of what I truly perceive as the obsessions of the A-P and I am afraid that placing poetry readings on this website (i.e. my voice) may further entice his uninvited interest in both the co-victims and myself. I am writing this letter on the Internet to ask anyone with valid and truthful information about the A-P (or anyone you suspect is the A-P) to please come forward. I know that coming forward is in many ways a totally undesirable thing to do. However, you could still come forward as anonymous. If you have any kind of real evidence that might possibly prove the A-P's obsession, thinking, acts or other significant information you can snail mail it or fax it to the following addresses/phone number:

1)The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office
920 East Van Buren
Avondale, Arizona 85323.
Please state what your information is regarding.

2) Sheriff Joe Arpaio
CC: Chief Freeman
102 West Madison
Phoenix, Arizona 85003.
Please state what your information is regarding.

3) Or you may fax information to: (602) 251-3877.
Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Chief Freeman fax line.
Please state what your information is regarding.

You may also snail mail information to Silent Witness of Maricopa County at the following address:

4) Silent Witness of Maricopa County
620 West Washington Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85003.
Please state what your information is regarding.

Please do NOT send anything that could be considered to be harassing material. Also please do NOT send any false material. It is very important that whatever material is mailed or faxed is legitimate. Similar to what is posted on the Svanludwick Night Vision site, I will additionally add that it is important that no one attempt to contact or harass the A-P. I will NOT give out any information about the A-P. However, I can tell all readers that the names the A-P viciously and slanderously posted all over the webpages are true names of the victims and co-victims. Maybe this will help someone out there realize that they might have some useful or truth revealing information about the A-P or from the A-P, which could be turned in. From what I understand, as of today's date of October/04/2003, the police still do not believe me about any of the stalking reports that I have made over the past several years. It is for this reason that I have come to implore readers for something that would or might prove any of the A-P's obsession, distorted thinking, danger to self, danger to others, or anything of the sort to police. I would like to add that this is not a police bashing notice. We must struggle and hopefully succeed in feeling true and steadfast empathy for the police persons involved in these cases. Many accused stalkers are extremely evasive and it is very difficult for police to gather enough hard evidence to arrest the alleged perpetrators in stalking cases. Some cases are more difficult than others. Moreover, many sociopaths and psychopaths are excellent liars who can alter the reality very effectively when confronted with police questioning. While the victim, on the other hand, feels the sheer terror, fear for self, fear for others, unrelenting stress, anxiety, despair, depression, isolation, and eventually the potential of burned-out numbness and thus the victim can look and behave like someone who is "wrong" in some way. The fact that the victim is not "wrong" does not matter until police are given enough true evidence. Nonetheless, it seems that it is up to the victims' to prove their own stalking cases, even though we are not really qualified to do so. Because we are not qualified as victims turned self-protectors, then sometimes protectors of friends and other family members, and then investigators, we make many errors. Perhaps this plea is an error in and of itself. Still I make it to the masses who read this website. Please help me if you can, but do so with honesty and integrity.

Lady Lost

svanludwick's Home Page
Here are my pages that deal with stalking
And other works. Works upon this website hold a valid copyright status. Viewers may write to Lady Lost directly at her Lycos address:
Correspondences will be answered as the poet is available to write replies.
My URL: http://geocities.com/svanludwick/

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Poetry contest remain available to those who wish to enter. Please view the Cyris site and Stalkaramma for more details.

All material on this website is based on its authors' own opinions, beliefs, thoughts, and feelings. Stalking is a horrendous form of domestic terrorism. Please support all stalking victims within the legal limits of both the laws of the land and the rules of morality.

I would like to extend my sentiments of gratitude to those who have supported both Night Vision and Lady Lost through your kind words and book purchasing activities. In closing, I would like to thank Lady S. for the wonderful Banners on all sites! Additionally, I would like to thank those who have aided in the creation and advancement of Night Vision's website design.

Please remember to visit the Cyris Website:Cyris' URL:http://www.geocities.com/cyrissnick/

Additionally all are invited to visit Stalkaramma. We do hope this site will be rebuilt quite soon.:Stalkaramma URL:http://www.geocities.com/stalkaramma/

A most recent addition: Saber Website:Saber's URL:http://www.geocities.com/saberland2003/

The Saber site's purpose is to publish the evidence in regards to the alleged perpetrator's overt activity and to provide viewers with an opportunity to state their opinions and observations upon this site.

A New Website of April 2003:Haunted Shadows URL:http://www.geocities.com/hauntedshadows2000/

In loving memory of Mr. Ed and Laddie. We continue to honor the memory of these beautiful and innocent animals who have died within highly suspicious circumstances.

As of today's date, July, 24, 2003, any individual who possesses valid emails, guestbook messages, forum entries, letters, photographs, recorded telephone conversations with a person suspected of being the alleged perpetrator and/or evidence of the alleged perpetrator's activities is asked to please forward this information to the following address:
Maricopa Sheriff's Department
920 East Van Buren Road
Avondale, Arizona 85323
Telephone: 602-256-1865
Feel invited to post to above addresses as well.
Please remember to include details indicating which case your information is referring to.
Please no pranks. Additionally, do not attempt to request information regarding the alleged perpetrator as no such information is available through this website at this time. Please keep original copies of forwarded information in case it becomes necessary to forward the information once again in the future. This request is not an invitation to harass any individual thought to be the alleged perpetrator. No persons connected to this site condone stalking and this statement is to include the harassment and/or stalking forms of behaviors against any individuals suspected of being the accused or alleged perpetrator. In this manner, our request is limited to individuals who have received communications with any individual they believe is the alleged perpetrator. However, this does exclude individuals who have pursued entirely unwanted or uninvited contact with the alleged perpetrator. Best wishes to all.

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The End (for now)
All poetry, essays, correspondence and/or published letters, e-mails or other communications presented or featured on this Internet website are a personal subjective expression of its authors' own feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and opinions. No rights to copy, print, download, duplicate, or display elsewhere other than upon this specific website granted or implied without the direct written permission of the author. This website is not designed to provide legal or psychiatric services or advice to either victims or perpetrators. Please seek the services of a professional in the required field if such services are needed.

Lady Lost Quotes: "There is typically no sense of levity in being a victim of stalking. There are only the overwhelming sensations of horror, terror, despair, isolation, outrage over the injustice and eventually helpless hopelessness. If I have prompted a victim who was sitting at home afraid, defeated, alone and crying to laugh just a little bit over the contents of my riotously sarcastic goofy and somewhat outlandish essays , such as, "Alien Baby Princess," series, "Stalkers-Mart," Bravo," "Stalkersville," or "Serenading Stalkadillo," etc., then perhaps for that one brief moment I have done a great thing."

"If I have helped a victim to realize that these types of perpetrators are incapable of remorse or empathy, that they have no conscience as we know it, and that they are generally delusional, obsessed long-term, unrelenting and unwavering in their coarse of deranged action. Then perhaps I've given that victim one small necessary key to partial comprehension and then partial survival.

"If I have offered a victim insight into the reality that these kinds of perpetrators can change their MO at any time, without appointment, without warning, then maybe I have helped that victim remain alert and possibly a little safer."

"If this website has shown victims and potential victims that these types of perpetrators use a wide range of coercion-control tactics, including threats of legal action, actual lawsuits, charisma, transfering to others, and whatnot, along with the other activities of stalking, then I have hopefully brought to light the true all encompassing nature of these types of perpetrator's visions and self-serving fantasies."

A final note: Both Lady Lost and I wish to extend tremendous sentiments of gratitude towards those Internet savvy individuals who have aided in the continued creation and ultimate improvement of this website! We thank you for the sustained support, and the advice in regards to clip art, animated art and font alterations. We shall never forget those who have stood with us in this monumental effort to speak against both stalking and other forms of domestic violence. Your support has enabled us to bolster the freedom of artists to express their individual experiences in spite of the perpetrators' desire to silence such expressions. There is much left to accomplish. However, the existence of this website stands for the rights of all victims and particularly for those victims who live as artists. It is well understood and well documented that perpetrators frequently become obsessed with the creative. This horrendous obsession with the works and private lives of those most unique within our society must stop. We must never accept the violating fascinations of stalkers and other perpetrators with our brightest stars for without these creative individuals our culture would wither and our minds would grow stagnant. Indeed, as a species we require the artists to evolve, to see the nearly imperceptible details within the forests of the outwardly mundane. Artists are thus gifts from our universal creator and we must always treasure what we are granted.

Sincerely, Gunther S. Vanludwick

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